Have you felt complete stuck,
overwhelmed struggling
again and again?

I know how frustrating it is, how you feel like, if only I can do X it will all be ok.

We get into these patterns of excelling in one area and letting everything else go, or running a million miles an hour and realising that, when we stop, everything else has fallen to shit around us.

I have done this again and again.

And whilst I have worked hard to overcome my 'running into a wall at 50mph' tendencies, sometimes.

Well, sometimes that is EXACTLY what you need.

This bootcamp is 10 solid days of massive action taking.  This is for you if you love the idea of learning and developing and implementing, but want to see results RIGHT NOW!

I get it, I'm impatient too.

What's different about this bootcamp is, I'm not setting the goals.

This isn't about losing 10lb in 5 minutes or clearing your to-do list in 7 days or how to learn to care for yourself.

You're picking the area, the goal, the outcome.  
The thing that has you scared and overwhelmed and fearful

What I'm bringing is the strategy.  

We start on Sunday 20th August with a 45 minute workshop where you will be setting your clear goals, breaking them down and creating actions steps (yes in 45 minutes because we are going to work FAST here).

I will be sharing how to get out of the fear and the overwhelm and into massive action, no matter your energy or how limited you are for time or resources.

Then, together, we are going to take consistent and huge action, every single day.

Whether it's getting your healthy eating on point, shaking up your exercise routine, smashing through a block or a fear at work or breaking down that project that's scaring the crap out of you.

This is something I have done time and time again.

Whether it was cranking out 20 job applications to propel me forward in my career, whether it was writing my very first published book chapter and magazine articles all those years ago, whether it was figuring out how the hell I was going to move house whilst dealing with one of the biggest cases of my life, managing huge workloads, emptying an entire lifetime-worth of memories from my late mum's house.

This is the strategy, the formula, the secret sauce, that I have used time and time again.

Find the thing that's causing my life to stagnate, frustrate, feeling overwhelming.

Pin that fucker down.

And tear it to pieces.

*ahem* or you know, break it down and get it done!!

So this is for you if you're feeling overwhelmed, hitting the same rhythms and repeats, feeling stuck and stagnating, have a big project coming up or something hanging over your head.

Together, we're going to slay it.

We start next Sunday but, of course, we are going to get started clearing your diary and getting the energy and enthusiasm you need in the private forum from THIS MONDAY, so do not hold off, do not wait (and get a whole extra week of support and ass-kicking, who says those two things don't work together?!)

ready?  let's do this