Uhh, the Grit and Guts Game Plan?  What the hell Leah?

I thought that this was all about drawing strength from your experiences and being able to see the positive in everybody and everything around you.  That sounds more like something with fairy wings and butterflies in it than grit and guts.  Besides which, I thought that you were talking more about ease and flow and feminine energy rather than bootcamp drills.

Yeah I know, I'm a puzzle like that.

Grit and guts isn't about being masculine, or pushing, or striving or struggling.

It's simply about being (becoming).

About that core inner strength that tells you that, no matter what, you've got this.

The part of you that goes incredibly still and ninja-like in the face of unspeakable horrors, like the photocopier not working or the wrong coffee being delivered (or you know, actual, true to life real shit that makes you want to scream and cry).

It's the part of you that watches with a side eye whilst one of your colleagues loses her fucking shit over something minor again and, rather than get caught up in the drama, you laugh inwardly (not outwardly, that way we're heading in to mean girl territory).

This is the part of you that you know you have within you but sometimes forget.  Sometimes struggle to see or feel. When you feel all mushy and tired and struggling and ready to cry.

You forget that you are gritty, you have guts, and you have fucking conquered already.  So many times.  In so many ways.

Whether you and I have worked together at a 1:1 level, whether you're part of the Serenity Spirit Mastermind and have hopped on a 1:1 call with me, whether you lurk in the background... I see you.

I see what is in you that is drawn to my message, to my story.

The dark things that you really don't like to talk about, or feel that you should get out there quickly in case anyone judges you.

All the times that you have bounced back and bounced back, knowing that it's slowing down and you're struggling and tired.

I see the potential for greatness within you that you are so scared of that you run screaming in the opposite direction, like the negligee glad ingenue in any given horror movie, running up the stairs instead of out the damn door.

I see how you have kept going and kept going, every experience, every setback attaching a little more mud to your uniform, weighing you down.

When did you start believing the shit that other people told you?  When did you take onboard their fears and worries and make them your own?

Here's what else I know about you.

You have more grit than any 10 women around you.  You're not the delicate little flower you've started to think of yourself as.

It takes guts to have gone through what you've gone through and to get back up, keep on going.

You compare yourself endlessly to the people around you and have such admiration and respect for what others achieve, what they bounce back from, what they create and do and act like and you never, never NEVER realise how much of that is within you.  How much other people admire you, how great the light shining within you is.

You have grit and guts and energy and resilience and charm and wit and so so SO much more.

But you know what? I'm sick to fucking death of telling you that and you batting it away, deflecting it like a jedi.

You're scared, I get it.
You're tired, I know.
You don't even know if you WANT to be great, ok.
You look for logic and reason and answers and permission.

This time it's different.

This time I'm putting you back in touch with your gut, with your resilience, and you are going to come to me by the end of 30 days and tell me how amazed you are at how amazing you have always been and never realised.

It's time to go all in.

What it's the Grit and Guts Master Plan?

You already know that I have an attitude of life happens for me not to me, that I have taken the less than wonderful things (and the really truly wonderful things) in my life and adapted every single one of them to a strength, to a purpose, to an intent.

We have already spoken at length about the benefits of adopting a positive mental attitude, of the effect gratitude has on your mental health, how looking for the best is a core tenet of resilience.

I'm breaking all of it down for you, over the course of 30 days.

But this isn't just some sit back and listen affair, oh no.

This is a short, sharp, shock, highly interactive, retrain your brain affair.

Over the course of 30 days I am going to break down my formula for always seeing the best in a bad situation, of creating strength from struggle, of developing a resilient mindset and approach, for you to instantly apply, develop and implement.

This is not about lengthy journalling exercises (although you're welcome to expand on them in your own time!), but instead about changing the way that you view, respond to and recall events.

Over the next 30 days we will be focusing on:

Gratitude, empathy and creating happiness;

Developing mental flexibility and actively looking for the positive;

Reframing and rebranding struggles and losses in to growth and developing strengths.

Retraining your mind to expect support, help, positivity, respect.

Getting out of your head and into your body aka mindfulness, slowing down a frantic pace and creating peace for a moment.

Looking and inspiring joy, happiness and positive emotion within your every day life.


What do you mean that doesn't sound gritty?!
These are the cornerstone of a woman with strength, guts, grit,
determination, resilience and a core of steel
(you see what I did there, right?)

There will be no lengthy training sessions, no hour long group calls.

This is a group programme with a private group forum where training will be delivered daily across various different format - video, audio, written, worksheets, however the message is best delivered that day.

You WILL be kept accountable - required to check in, to respond with your best attempt, to question, to ask.

There will be NO excuses, because what you're receiving are prompts for thought, discussion, immediately reframe.  No lengthy tasks, no 'I'll sit down and do this later' shit.  Read, review, respond and done.

Every single day.

Why 30 days?

Because it takes at least 21 days to form a habit.

And we are forming habits, albeit healthy ones.

The habit of supporting yourself, of feeling on top of the world, on knowing your own strengths and talking to them instead of hiding them, of creating a life that you love and that loves you back.  Of feeling supported, inspired, happy and no longer waiting for the other shoe to drop or worrying about what could go wrong.

This is the biggest gift you could give yourself.

To get on board and support and love yourself the way you support and love everyone else in your life.

Ready to get started?  

Programme begins 24th July 2017



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