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Aren't you kind of tired of this by now?

Bouncing from drama to crisis, feeling overwhelmed and out of your depth.  Of working and working and working and working and never really knowing what it's for any more.  You have always thrived on the adrenaline, on pushing and achieving results where no-one else could, of being the woman that everyone turns to in a crisis, of being the one who just makes magic happen no matter what.  But that is exhausting, it's so difficult to keep up when your schedule is relentless, when you never give yourself a break.

Because, let's be honest here, the pressure isn't from your boss, or your workload, or the people around you.  Sure, it's crazy-busy and never seems to let up, but the real pressure isn't from them.

It's from you.

It's from that place deep inside yourself that tells you you're never good enough, never smart enough, never quick enough, never on top of it.  That you didn't deserve to be here.  That, truly, you're just a bit old faker.

From the place that has you worrying constantly that someone is going to tap you on the shoulder and announce to the world that really, you, you right there, did you think that you were qualified for this?  Experienced enough?   That we trusted you enough?  Hilarious, really, you're so cute.  Now get the hell out.

Aren't you exhausted from accommodating everyone else all the time and never making room for your own needs?  Have you realised yet that almost everything that made you, well you, has evaporated away whilst you feverishly worked evenings and weekends and made sure that you didn't let your guard down from a single solitary second?

Whilst we're talking, it isn't just work, is it gorgeous?

The worry, the anxiety, the struggle, it's spilled over in to every other part of your life.

You feel like such a failure all the time that you work harder than anyone else to prove your worth.  You take care of everyone, try to anticipate their needs and get ahead of them to prove just how much you love them.  How much you deserve to be loved by them.

So, instead of feeling valued, appreciated, worthy of love, you wrap yourself up in knots.  You struggle and you stress and you put yourself in this position time and time again.

Oh it's not just you - there are people everywhere who will dump on you because they know you won't say no, know you will always offer to help, know that they can and so they will because 'oh but you are just SO GOOD at this'.  But isn't it amazing how those people and those situations find you time and time again.  Almost like you're drawn to them...

Truly, as I sit here writing this, I want to reach through the screen and hug you to me.

All I want is to show you how amazing life is when you stop beating yourself up day after day.  For you feel how amazing you can feel when you drop the defence mechanisms, the fierce controls you have to avoid anyone seeing just how scared, how vulnerable, how terrified you are.

For you to live a life that is full of happiness, joy, wonder, contentment.  

Where there's enough time.

Where it doesn't matter if everything doesn't go to plan all the time, where you can live in the moment.

Where you can plan to do things exclusively for you.  Remember how you used to enjoy curling up with a hot cup of tea and a really good book, or heading to the cinema (and treating yourself to a bit of sneaky pick and mix on the way in), or doing the thing that truly lights you up and sets your soul on fire.


Is this making sense to you?  Are you feeling uncomfortable, a little confronted, wondering how the hell I've reached in to your soul and pulled out the thing that you haven't told a single living person?

That's because I made this for you.  

I know you.

 I was you.


If we haven't met before then let me introduce myself.  My name is Leah and I am the founder of Searching for Serenity.  You can read more about my story and how I came to this place by clicking >>HERE<<

What you need to know is this.  I spent 11 years in a career that had defined my entire life.  I had decided what I was going to be when I grew up at the age of 8, I fixed my mind on it, and I went for it.

And I did it.  Kind of.  Except, what I aspired to be didn't really fit with who I was.  Where I came from.  What I had experienced.  Because the story I told myself, the narrative of my life, wasn't a fit with the people I saw around me.

I wasn't even close to being the smartest in the room.  I made inappropriate jokes.  I swore.  I was ginger.  I came from a single parent family.  Whilst my mum had worked her fingers to the bone sun up to sun down we wouldn't have survived without government benefits.  I never wore the cool clothes.  

I was uncomfortable with who I was and wanted to hide away from the world.  But I was too stubborn to allow that to happen when what I wanted to do was stand up, be counted, protect the vulnerable and make the world a better place.

So I worked and worked.  And worked.  I took the underpaid jobs to pay my dues and worked second and third jobs on top.

Something needed doing, I'll do it!!  No I don't mind coming in early, working through my lunch, leaving late and not getting paid a penny extra for it.  Oh and don't worry about appreciating me either.

I did it because I thought I had to.  Because I believed, consciously or otherwise, that I deserved to be there so much less than everyone else that I had to do more to make up for my perceived deficiencies (see: not smart, not wealth and ginger above).

I think you know what happened next.

My confidence had never been all that strong and it was slowly eroded by years of feeling not good enough and working myself into a hole to prove it.  It was a self-fulfilling prophecy.  My anxiety sky rocketed.  I had started out as a perfectionist and had worked myself in to a place where I thought that if I took a day off without everything being perfect, I would be sacked.  I mean, I didn't deserve to be there anyway, right?

The lack of confidence and over-abundance of anxiety was toxic enough but this took a toll on me physically.  I was exhausted.  I was worn down.  I didn't even know what was important to me any more.

In short: I was heading for a total burnout collapse.

Sound familiar?

I was lucky.  My life was shaken up in such a way that I had no choice but to face my demons head on and make changes.

That's where the seed of Searching for Serenity came from.  2+ years of self development work crossing all the schools of thought; counselling, CBT, coaching, holistic therapies, physical treatment, you name it.  £10,000+ invested in my knowledge, development and skills.

As I started to wake up and realise what had been going on with me for so long, I started looking around me at my work colleagues, at people I interacted with, at clients.  And I saw the same pattern repeating again and again and again.

A lack of confidence in one's self.  Anxiety as a coping mechanism.  Acting as an automaton with no passion or enthusiasm or energy.

That's where it all comes back to you.

I am dedicated to helping women create lives free from these shackles.  To working with you to create a life that you love, that inspires you and empowers you and filters out to every person you touch.

As a result, I am offering the most in-depth, expertise-led transformational experience I have ever offered.

I am taking every tool I've ever used, every skill I've ever learned, every opportunity to gather knowledge, and I am putting them together in to one masterclass for you.

The thing about confidence, anxiety, is that these aren't necessarily snap changes.

Oh you can MAKE the decision to change them and MAKE it happen, but it's forceful, it required a lot of energy.  And I know that you are already exhausted from doing this for so long.

So I am opening up a space for you to learn, practice, develop in a supported and safe environment.

This is what you get when you say YES to working with me in The CAPE Project

  • 90 days of total support through our own private Facebook community;
  • 9 live, hour-long group trainings focused exclusively on creating real, meaningful confidence, reducing your anxiety and rediscovering your passion, energy and enthusiasm for life (3 trainings per month over 3 months);
  • Daily support and guidance from me in group as well as the support and encouragement from your CAPE Project peers;
  • Access to my entire toolkit of resources - bring your questions to each of our live training calls.

This 90 days is going to be nothing less than transformational for you; you do the work and I will be here to support, guide, cheerlead and troubleshoot every single step of the way.

In the space of 90 days you will overcome your overwhelm, rebuild your energy and health, rediscover what is truly important to you and take massive steps to re-align your life to work around your needs, learn real, tangible techniques to create and increase your confidence day by day and to kill your anxiety dead (think how amazing your life would be without anxiety dragging you down every day.

We will create space in a previously-packed diary, availability where there was none and you will find yourself dancing along and singing rather than dragging yourself through the working week and recovering at weekends.

Week 5: Halfway – Practical Skills Overview:

  • Making over your sleep, self-care and self-awareness to create lasting change.
  • Understanding how a change in attitude changes your world

Week 6: Practical Confidence Skills Practice

  • How to implement when you’re under pressure;
  • Creating rock-solid confidence even in difficult situations;
  • Managing anxiety before it overwhelms you;
  • Dealing with difficult people and problems

Week 7: Discovering your Passion

  • Digging deep in to what motivates and inspires you;
  • Why this is important for your career – even when you’re busy af.
  • Cultivating play time for grown ups

Week 8: Making It Stick

  • Dealing with difficult times and knock-backs;
  • Making a clear commitment to confidence;
  • Drawing on sources of support

Week 9: Graduation

  • Creating your own 90 day plan and vision;
  • Implementation and Celebration!

Are you ready to join me?

We start 22nd May 2017

Week 1: The Power of Your Dreams

  • Creating your vision of a confidence, anxiety free,
    passionate YOU;
  • Setting your goals for the next 90 days;
  • Getting completely clear on what you desire most
    to achieve;

Week 2: What Confidence Means to You

  • Examining what makes you feel confident and what
    leaves you feeling vulnerable;
  • What has undermined you and made you feel small;
  • How to bust through those blocks and practical guidance;
  • My ultimate confidence booster for bad moments;
  • Time to commit

Week 3: All about Anxiety

  • Why it serves us and how to replace it;
  • Finding your triggers and removing them;
  • Daily focus and determination

Week 4 : Managing the Self

  • Creating time each day for you;
  • Creating an unshakeable mindset and locking in the beliefs
    you need to see lasting change

Here's what we will be doing:


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