I was sitting in the toilets at work, sticking tissues directly into my eyes so the tears wouldn’t fall and leave mascara smudges and track marks in my foundation

My body was aching from head to toe, my neck and shoulders were right, my hips sore and clicking from sitting at a desk for so many hours.

I pulled out my phone and googled ‘how do I recover from burnout’

The advice I found was simple at best and asinine at worst.

’Get more sleep’

’Take a break from work’

’Reduce stress in all areas of your life’

Fabulous advice for some perhaps, but I was a lawyer, working in a demanding area of the law at that. Litigation is one of the most stressful things the average human will ever experience and I had been working in it daily for a decade.

I burned out, badly. But I did it in a very middle-class, mustn’t frighten the horses kind of a way.

Panicked by struggles I’d been dealing with I quit my job for a seemingly-sensible position away from litigation and closer to home. I drank green juices. I tried meditation.

None of it worked and it all got SO much worse before it got better.

This is the book that I only wish I had found five years ago, sitting in that toilet cubicle feeling like the loneliest woman in the world.

If you’re exhausted and struggling to keep up

If your dream job feels more like a nightmare at times.

If everyone’s so sick of listening to you moan and complain about work that even your dog doesn’t want to spend time with you.

If you’re working ever-longer hour’s seemingly to stand still.

If you’re told you’re a valued member of the team but you feel more like a soggy doormat.

If you’re terrified of trying to carry on any longer.

I’ve got you.

I’ve been there.

It’s not the end of your career.

It will get better.

This book is for you.


Hey, my name’s Leah and when I’m not flouncing in front of painted fences with an enigmatic smile on my face, I’m a mentor and trainer, speaker and writer focused on burnout, imposter syndrome and what it takes to really thrive at work.

Through Searching for Serenity I have worked with professionals in the UK, Europe and USA to help them reverse burnout, improve imposter syndrome and create careers and lives their love.

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You might have seen me speak on the Victoria Darbyshire show, or maybe you saw my story pop up in Fabulous or Stylist magazines?

I’ve written for LawCare, Cilex Regulation and speak to legal and other professional group in the South West.

I‘m a former (non-practising) barrister and am currently a non-practising solicitor after more than a decade working in private legal practice. Through Searching for Serenity I share a combination of lived experience, tried and tested techniques and constantly developing psychological research to help professionals from all around the world create careers and lives they love.

You can find me at or on instagram @LeahSteeleUK