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What is burnout?
Why do we care?
How do we know if we're truly struggling with burnout, or just a bit tired/not up to the job/in need of a holiday?

Is burnout inevitable if you care about your work?
How can you spot burnout, in yourself, in the people around you?

Is burnout reversible?  How can you manage it?

These are all questions I had when I first stumbled over the term, crying in the toilets at work googling my symptoms and desperate for a reason why (I felt I was) struggling so badly.

I felt lost and confused, couldn't tell what was burnout and what was just me being unable to cope, I didn't even know what my life would look like without chronic exhaustion and everything that came with it.

For the first time in two years I am going to be laying it all out for you; what it means, what it looks like and how to change it.

This one hour workshop is the perfect introduction for anyone who feels lost and alone but doesn't know where to start, it's a refresher for anyone who has spent time working on their work-life balance but has maybe got lost in the details and a reminder for all that there are simple truths in our life and work that are vital to us.

Here's one of them: the way you're feeling isn't just the cost of doing business.  You CAN have a meaningful, vibrant career that doesn't come at the expense of your life.

Join me on Thursday 10th October at 8pm for a one hour live and interactive workshop, together with a pdf workbook of my notes.  Don't worry if you can't make it live, the whole workshop will be recorded for you to watch again and both it and the notes are yours for life.

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