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day 7

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Hello lovely and welcome to Searching for Serenity's 7-day video tutorial series, Eliminating Exhaustion.
I am so excited for today; this is the final day of the course.  I really do hope that you are seeing huge benefits and changes already.
What we are doing today is focusing on a wrap-up of what we have been doing for the last week and focusing on how to implement this moving forward.
Over the last 7 days we have looked at; your own self-care routine to make sure that you are nourishing yourself and caring for yourself each day, no matter what; we have looked at putting stress in a box and walking away from work, dealing wit the never ending to do list in your head.  We have considered your sleep, diet and taking regular breaks and exercise, all of which will work for your body and your mind to support each other through the more difficult periods in your life.  What we have then been doing is focusing on the emotional impacts and effects of exhaustion and how behavioural changes can really support you, not only now, but for the rest of your career.
What we have considered is taking on too much and letting go of the things that we think make us the 'good girls' but in fact just leave us exhausted and overwhelmed.  We have also been looking at finding joy in creativity; finding things to take you away from work and nourish your soul, allowing you to live a more well-rounded life and enabling you to support others as well.
Today we are focusing on making plans.
I don't need to tell you that the most important part of any holiday is the run-up to it.  Having plans to look forward to is one of the things that take us out of everyday stress and elevates our experience and our position, because it takes it to something we are working towards.
Today we will focus on your plan, how you are going to keep exhaustion at bay and focus on the more positive aspects of your life, even when the going gets tough.
Now it might be easy for me to say that these are rinse and repeat tools; I've been implementing them for years now and I am very proud to say that, even despite the occasional wobble, I am no longer in the position that I was in one or even two years ago, suffering from complete exhaustion and overwhelm and having no idea how I was going to keep going.
I am proud to say that my experiences have led to creating the support for other women who are struggling with their professional careers and suffering from exhaustion and overwhelm and burnout.
But those experiences are something that we learn and grow from - if we allow ourselves.
Today we are going to focus on how you are going to schedule caring for yourself, finding joy and creativity, balancing these even during the most difficult times.
Consider your original scheduler from day 1 of the course and use it to develop your ideal day.  How does it look?  When do you start in the morning?  When do you take breaks throughout the day, how are you able to transition from work to home, even if you've been working 12 hours that day and how do you plan to delineate between work and home if you have to work from home or take work home with you?
There are so many tools and supports out there but the biggest part of this is making the decision.
It is easy to say you will go with the flow, but by setting clear boundaries for yourself now, you will be able to rely on them and reinforce them as you go.
Revisit the scheduler (the link is in this email if you need it again) and create your ideal schedule.  
This is something you may have to be flexible at times, but this is what you will always come back to.  This is the home position and how you choose to live the majority of your days in order to beat exhaustion and ensure that it doesn't ensnare you again.
Now, you can finish this course and walk away, you could even ignore my advice today but I can guarantee that without re-affirming and re-learning what we have gone through, you will most likely find yourself sliding back in to exhaustion.
These tools are high value.  These are about being able to have a toolkit to go to when things get tough.  I have given you more than 6 tools and if you find yourself backsliding into exhaustion you can consider each aspect; for example are you keeping well?  If not, dip back into day three and consider your sleep hygiene.
If you find yourself overwhelmed and working very long days at work you might consider how can I, in only 15 minutes a day, care of myself and find space for me to take me completely out of work even when I'm struggling and stressed.  That might also mean your creativity to take you away from work.
What we have learned this week is day to day physical and emotional support, structures that will allow you to step away from work and to help you really isolate stress at work and to not let it overwhelm your entire life.  We have also been looking at putting more back in to your life with joy and creativity and to let go of some of the thoughts you hold on to that will otherwise hold you back.  If you can keep repeating these then you will find you no longer struggle with exhaustion.
There are days that you will be tired, that is just a given, but there is a big difference between tiredness and exhaustion.  Tiredness is temporary and goes away after a good night's sleep or a holiday.
By considering your schedule you're going to consider your ideal day and if one or two of the things fall by the wayside occasional then that is ok.  Thesis not about perfection; this is about caring and nurturing yourself and occasionally nurturing yourself ahead of everyone else so that you have room for more.
Consider your schedule, plan out your ideal day and then place it in a prominent position. Whether it is at the dressing table you get ready at each day or on the family inboard; so that you not only have your own idea of what you want to achieve but so that other people can support you in this.
This is one of the biggest parts of exhaustion; taking too much on ourselves and not asking for support from others.
Once you have planned out your scheduler, I would love to hear how you have planned these things out and what further support you think you need.  What do you need each day to help you make sure that you know you can do this?  Do you need to discuss in more depth the things that bring you creativity and joy or really make sure that you can leave stress at work if that is something you are struggling with.
Finally, I want you to remember that this is not a simple solution; if it was so simple you would have already read a magazine and gone and implemented it!  This is about learning and growing as you go.
You will want to sometimes revisit some of these tools and that's not a problem; that’s not necessarily backsliding but learning and developing.  And as your career and your family and your friends and your general life develop you will want to come back to these things and consider 'what does still bring me joy' or the additional tasks that you bring on board, the things that you think you should do or must do, and reconsider whether they are goals you want to achieve or whether they are someone else's priorities that you picked up along the way.
We are now at day seven and this is the end of this tutorial, but this doesn't have to mean the end of your support.  If you do desire more support or guidance I would love for you to reach out to me by email at hello@searchingforserenity.co.uk or you can contact me in the group, tag me in a comment, let me know what you need further help with.
In the meantime I will send a few more resources your way, and of course you will receive my weekly newsletter and updates from me; if you are struggling you can always reach out for more support.
Finally, I want to congratulate you.  Hundreds of thousands of people struggle with these issues every day. 
So many people do nothing about it.  They let it consume their lives and they let themselves live small lives where they are hampered by exhaustion and frustration of the skills that they have no yet learnt.  
You are not one of those people.
You stepped up and said 'I've had enough of this, I have a better life to live and I can do more'.  
Don't ever forget how amazing you are for doing that.
You are part of the 1%, the few people able to take onboard change and embrace it.
For that, you absolutely deserve everything that you can reward yourself with.
That's the final point for day 7.  We have gone through 7 days of training and you have spent so much time thinking about your own schedule and what you are changing and what you want to improve in your life and it is time to celebrate the wins.
Rather than simply thinking 'what's next' I want you to take a moment today to celebrate yourself and everything that you have learned this week.
I would love to hear what it is you are going to do to celebrate!  Do send a message in the group and let me know what you are doing to celebrate your achievement this week.
This is the end of the course but it doesn't have to be the end of our relationship here and I would encourage you to reach out for anything else that you need.  There are a number of other tutorial courses available if you are struggling with specific skills and you can check them out on the Searching for Serenity website at www.searchingforserenity.co.uk
I want to wish you the best of luck with this.  I hope that you will keep revisiting these tools as you learn and grow and your life develops and grows around you.
Thank you for joining me and thank you for supporting Searching for Serenity.
Bye for now!