Have you had enough? Isn't it time you said 'enough'? Isn't it time you felt enough?

This for the overworkers, the people pleasers, the introverts, the quiet ones and the ones who can't say no.

For the women who have had enough of feeling pushed around, talked over, cut out, put down, ignored, undermined or outright bullied.

But let me tell you a little story first.

I spent 12 years as a lawyer, 4 years before that studying to become a lawyer and I never felt like I belonged there.  I was convinced that some day I would be found out, that I would be told how not enough I was, how everyone knew and had seen through me the whole time.

I guess you could say that I lacked confidence.  I'm not a naturally confident, outgoing person, despite the shenanigans you see from me online.

Why is that?

Maybe it's because I grew up in a household of 'not enough'.

Maybe it's because, during my first time shadowing a barrister, he pointed out just how lowly my status was in comparison to the average barrister, how much of a void I was trying to cross.

Maybe it's because, in my first full time job post-graduation, my male boss said things like 'women at work is ridiculous' and 'women police officers, don't make me laugh! The best thing they could do for crowd control is...' (I think you know where that one went) whilst making eye contact with me, the only woman in the room.

Maybe it's because, as a newly qualified lawyer, the client in the biggest case I'd worked on sent me a thank you card.  A sexually explicit, demeaning and humiliating, thank you card.


Maybe you can relate?


What would you call that kind of behaviour?

Boorish? Demeaning?  Bullying?  Harassing?  Crossing the line? Intimidating?  Bullying?

When do you stop and say 'enough'?  When do you take action?When do you stand up for yourself and say 'no more'?

So, how do I get on to video, scream my message of empowering women in work from the rooftops?  How do I get back up there even after I've been knocked down?  Even though I'm an introvert, even though I'm not naturally confident?

It's no secret, but it is a process...



Interestingly over the past few weeks I've had cause to discuss this all again, with an incident of trolling online that quickly became more menacing and intimidating.

It took a conversation with friends to identify it as bullying, rather than trying to brush it off.

People told me to ignore it and it would go away, to just let it go, to not rise to it.  How often do you hear that about someone's behaviour?  How often is it bad advice though?


As I went through this process of uncovering more and more bad behaviour, about the troll, about a friend, the more I realised how many people had excused the behaviour, ignored their instincts, and were pushed around and undermined.

That's the birthplace of Enough.


I have seen so many women struggle with their confidence, feel undermined but not know what to do about it, feel pushed but unsure whether it's just them, whether they're just being oversensitive.

There is an entire spectrum of behaviours, from the guy taking up three seats on the tube or pushing your face into his armpit to the levels of bullying, harassment and intimidation that truly require greater action.

Together we're going to find your boundaries, get clear on why and how to speak up for yourself and so much more.


This workshop is for you if:

  • You have felt uncomfortable around someone else's intimidating or difficult behaviour and felt unsure how to act;
  • If you've just been unable to stop yourself from offering to help, take on more work or help out on that 'special project' at work;
  • If you've ever walked away from an interaction with a client, co-worker or professional and felt uneasy, undermined or minimised;
  • If you've lacked the confidence to tell friends or family that their behaviour is hurting you;
  • If you've raised issues at work and have been told to let it go, ignore it or that the client is king

and so many more situations besides.

If you've felt uncomfortable, intimidated, frustrated at not being heard or seen and have struggled to know when to take action, we are going to dive into why.


During this workshop we are going to go deeper into:


  • The types of behaviour that undermine your confidence; 

  • How to find boundaries and know when to say 'enough';

  • Why you've struggled to advocate yourself;

  • My fast and simple test to know when to take action;

  • Eradicating the influence of past bad behaviour.

  • Raising your confidence higher than ever!

I will be sharing more around my journey with difficult and bullying behaviours and share my process for bouncing back.

This is a live workshop (taking place on the evening of 3rd September) held within a closed, safe space online and you will have plenty of time and opportunity to ask questions, get feedback and get further support, all whilst attending in your pyjamas and drinking your drink of choice!


But of course there's more!


Because, in case you didn't know it already, I love over-delivering to you!


Top 10 bonus!

Be one of the first 10 to join and you will receive:

  • A copy of my home study course Difficult Conversations and Colleagues, as a 7 day lead-in to the workshop (value £47)
  • PLUS 10 days of 1:1 mentoring with me via Telegram, a secure chat messenger app.  Ask me anything, get help and support, go deeper on our training and so much more! (value £97) Your 10 days of mentoring start from the moment you purchase the programme!


Top 20 bonus!


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Ready to say ENOUGH, once and for all?

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