1 - The quality of having strong moral principles
2 - The state of being whole and undivided

There’s been something very strange happening lately.  This slipping into noticing and observing, watching the people who inspire you and choosing to disregard or reject the behaviour, beliefs, actions of people around you that doesn't fit, isn’t right.

This past few months, more than perhaps any time in my journey of mentoring and training and learning and implementing, I have felt tested.  Pushed. 

My beliefs, my work, my experience, my very being has been attacked, again and again.  How I work, who I work with, what I do, who I am.  All of it, again and again.

Perhaps you’ve felt something similar?  This relentless push from others to conform, to bend to their will, to do or think or behave in a way that feels wrong or repugnant to you.

The frustration you’ve felt when they just won’t listen.  Won't adapt.  Won’t see what you see.

How it could be so much better, work so much easier.

Or maybe you haven’t realised that this is happening to you and you’re just standing there feeling stuck, stagnant, frustrated, unsure how to move forward.

Here’s why being tested is such a gift, even when it feels like a curse.

You learn, develop your boundaries, that strong moral code. 

You' discover that, if you don’t stand for something, you fall for everything.

And in discovering what you’ll stand for, you choose what to disregard, to let go of, to give thanks for and release.

Again and again I come back to this one core principle.

Decide what you want.
Focus on it.
Take action.
Never be swayed from the path.

The clarity of knowing what you want and will take action to create, disregarding the rest, brings a  kind of comfort and certainty that nothing else will.

If you’re feeling stuck and unsure I can almost guarantee it’s because you don’t know where you’re going - and as a result you’re paying attention to everyone and everything that crosses your path.

No focus = high alert

No direction = feeling lost and stuck

No boundaries = feeling like you come last

According to the dictionary integrity has a dual meaning - to have a strong moral code and to be whole.  However, in my world, you can’t have one without the other.

Know who you are. Know what you want. Know where you’re going. Feel whole.

It’s integrity that allows you to say thanks but no thanks to that offer or request that doesn’t feel rig ht.

It’s integrity that allows you to stand in your power whilst someone tries to manipulate you or demean you.

It’s integrity that keeps you moving forward even through the storms and the struggles.

I’m opening up everything I know about integrity, clarity and resilience over the course of these 21 days. 

Join me for 21 days of exploring your deepest desires, getting clear on the action that will get you there, on developing the confidence to support yourself when you’re pushed, overridden or backed into a corner.  How to re-discover the path when you’ve gotten lost.

21 days of daily support, challenge and discovery.

3 deep dive live trainings.

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