I am launching *another* new programme.

Called Jet-Set January.

28 Days of Content delivered from 2nd January to the beginning of February, Monday-Friday.

This is going to be a FULL sweep up of the areas YOU will want to focus on to get January in to swing and keep 2018 jetting along nicely.

We are talking

🚀Clear goal setting (and why new year's resolutions are bollocks)
🚀Creating rock-solid routines for success
🚀How to create a work-life balance by smashing your to-do list without smashing your health or sanity
🚀Dealing with confidence and anxiety like it ain't no thing
🚀Getting to the heart of your self-care
🚀Elevating every area of your life.

In addition to 28 days of daily content M-F, I will be delivering lives at least once a week (more if I feel called because that's the way this shiznit works)

The aim of the game is to up your toolkit and resources, to touch on the areas that affect you most (and I will be making this content WITH you, not in advance of the course, so you get to adjust it as you need to by YELLING AT ME!)

This course is going to set your entire YEAR in motion, so you would think it would be a big  fancy-pants price but no.

You know the price that came to me?


That's all.

Oh, and the first 5 women to join will get 2 (yes, 2!) 30 minute 1:1's with me to be taken throughout this course.  In addition to your monthly laser intensives, of course!



Oh and if any of you have decided that it's time to STEP UP and work with me 1:1 for the next 12 weeks, well so long as you sign up to work with me before 27th December, I will throw in your place on this course for free/refund you if you've already signed up.


Taking time out to switch off, switches ON your brain cells!