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Passion Project:
the energy and inspiration
to enrich your life and career

It might be the cold blue light of the winter mornings,
but waking up to your day to day life right now feels a little… cold. Blue. Empty.

It’s not that you’re desperately unhappy just… unfulfilled… uninspired… motivation gone bye bye.

The eat-sleep-work-repeat pattern of your life feels dull and stale and you can’t help but wonder if you’re the only one who can see behind the curtain, that there is something, must be something, more to what you’re doing right now.

It’s not just you, gorgeous.

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Leah. Now, she decided at a ridiculously young age to be a Lawyer when she grew up. Yes, it was capitalised, because it was A Big Thing.

That girl made that thing her focus, her everything.


Study subjects were chosen to fit her goal; cities to live in and universities to study at chosen with the one express goal of being this thing. Everything in her life was about The Thing; no deviation, no hesitation, no deliberation; do not pass go, do not collect £200.

She ruthlessly culled anything and everything that could be a distraction or a deviation in focus of the one thing.

And when she was called to the Bar of England and Wales at the age of 22 everything was perfect and as it should be…. happily ever after.


No, of course it wasn’t. And you know that because hello, you’re reading this page and there’s something in your soul that feels a tiny little bit sick that I’ve caught you out.

You see, you and I were taught that we could be anything we wanted, do anything we wanted, go anywhere. No greasy pole to tall, no glass ceiling that couldn’t be shattered by beating our skulls against them repeatedly.

No-one ever told us that the relentless climb would leave us feeling so fucking exhausted, so conflicted with doubt and wondering why the hell we even started.

Even if you love, adore your job and KNOW without any hint of uncertainty that you are improving the world daily with what you’re doing, doing one thing, over and over, without change or challenge… well it’s soul destroying.

There’s a part of you that watches other people walking down the street wondering their story, what they’re doing with their lives. When you have a day off work to run errands you look around in amazement at all these people at the Post Office, at the supermarket, at the doctor’s reception, wondering what they are doing with their lives that they are here.

Because your life is so, simple. Well of course it’s not simple; it’s loud and noisy and terrifying complicated and something just choosing whether to have the prawn mayonnaise or the chicken and stuffing sandwich in your Sainsbury’s meal deal is a herculean task of effort and you’re just so tired.

You want to be more, to do more, but you don’t even know where to start.


Let’s take a look at your CV for a moment, shall we? Contact details check, recent positions, check, qualifications check, extra curriculars… let me see. Reading, going to the theatre and cinema, travel perhaps? Is there anything on there slightly more colourful, more inspiring? Is there anything on there that’s TRUE?

Of course not… you don’t have the time, never mind the energy for something that takes even more time and effort out of your weekly schedule of eat-work-sleep-repeat-p=occasionally do some washing and clean your house from top to bottom.

Aren’t you sick of it?
Aren’t you so frustrated that your life has become this SMALL?
That there’s nothing inspiring, nothing energising, nothing fantastical, pushing you forward?
Where’s the drive, the energy, the clarity, the reason to dance and sing?

Introducing… Passion Project:

discovering that spark to
energise and enrich your life and career

I know, I know, you’re short on time, energy, probably money and sanity too. But here’s where it changes.

Over the past 15 years I have fallen into multiple passion projects; from working with witnesses and victims of crime in the criminal justice system (rewarding, cathartic, exhausting) to creating beautiful jewellery (sparkly, fun, confronting) to where we are now; inspiring and motivating brilliant professional women to create full, energised and rewarding careers and lives.

And now I’m sharing with you too.

Before we get into it, a few things about what this is NOT.

  • This is NOT about jacking in your job and flying off to a vision quest in the jungle.

  • This is NOT about gazing at your navel pondering the meaning of life.

  • This is NOT about hating on your job, your career, your boss, your husband, your children or your parents.

  • This is NOT some flakey, a dream is a wish your heart makes kind of fluff…. it’s also NOT a bootcamp, a regimen that involves me shouting at you or demeaning you, or you demeaning yourself for that matter.

  • This is NOT (necessarily) about changing your career, although that might just happen along the way.

This is about finding that spark, creating that energy and passion, whether it’s in your career, in a hobby, in a cause or belief or something we haven’t even discovered yet!

Here’s what I’m going to be sharing and helping you discover over the course of this 2 week distance learning course.

  • Why passion-projects are so important to your energy, your resilience and your self-worth;

  • How to ‘make time’ for your passions

  • Discovering what motivates, inspires you or creates that spark or joy

  • Passion projects you didn’t realise you had

  • How passions can enrich your career, or how to avoid the ‘flake’ mentality.

  • Why flirting, or even cheating on, your career can make your relationship stronger.

  • Prioritising the priorities.

  • Losing the guilt and the work-life balance struggle

…and as always, there will be so much more besides.

Here’s how we do this!

New live trainings

Through a combination of live and pre-recorded video, audios and written content, delivered to you by email.

Access to the private Passion Project FB group

Get additional help and support, ask questions, share your wins and catch the content as it is created,
or catch up over a glass of wine

Worksheets and printables

I love to add extra benefits so I will be sharing additional printables and worksheets for you to cut out and keep (or print out and keep rather!) to assist in implementation and creation.

Lifetime access

So you can come back again and again whenever you need to spark a little passion and energy.

Implementation/rest days

Because I know life gets crazy, and flexibility is my key word.
We will have time to implement, rest, catch up with friends - no draconian systems here!


Bonus number 1:

Take immediate action and start clearing the ish from your daily life by using the Ninja Bundle; a collection of my favourite time and task management tools to get on top of your workload and start feeling in control (and available for your passion project) (value £25)

Bonus number 2:

I love a fast action taker so the first 25 members will access Passion Project at a massively discounted rate AND will receive an orientation/early implementation live training ahead of our starting!

We begin on Wednesday 16th January - group opens and pre-work starts on 10th January!

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About Leah

I’m a nerd, an animal lover, a business owner, a multi-passionate woman who is inspired and energised by disparate and diverse things and a recovering burnout queen. I spent the first 30 years of my life focused solely on a single career and disregarded anything that wasn’t about furthering that one single goal - and it is no wonder I burned out! These days I am on a mission to help more women live full lives AND careers, and openly indulge my love of animals, glitter and fun as transparently as I own my intelligence, ambition and commitment to growth.

You can find me at www.searchingforserenity.co.uk or on facebook; www.fb.com/serenitysearch and www.fb.com/roguejewels and disrupting the besuited on Linkedin