the full fear-management system


If you're not running around like a headless chicken at work trying to get everything done, you're pushing yourself to be the parent partner/parent/friend/daughter you can be.  And then of course there's cooking, cleaning, trying token on top o the errands.  And maybe do something interesting or relaxing from time to time?!

If you wonder why you're feeling anxious to the point of nausea then it's about time you took a step back.



The Happiness Habit Bootcamp



Can I share something with you?

You're not the only person who cries in the loos at work.  Or in the shower before work in the morning.  Or from sheer exhaustion and frustration after a long and tiring day.

Can I share something else with you?

It doesn't have to be this way

You deserve to be happy, light, carefree, ready for anything with a smile on your face.

You too can be that crazy woman who jumps in puddles for sheer joy and doesn't give a flying fuck what anyone else thinks of her - because you're too damn busy being happy.

Ready to fast-track your burnout recovery?


So, you're exhausted, overwhelmed and never have enough hours in the day.  You want to beat back exhaustion, boost your confidence, thrive at work and really feel like you're making a difference but you have no idea where to start.

I understand.  I've lived it too.

You've already read my story so you know that I've spent more than a decade working 100+ hour weeks, trying desperately to find some balance and feeling like I was losing myself in the process.


I made these courses for you.


Each course is bite-size, only 7 days long, delivered by video (with audio and text support) direct to your inbox each morning.

Listen to the video each morning on your way to work, implement throughout your working day.

Each video course is yours to keep; listen to them at your leisure, return when you hit a learning curve and need more support.

It couldn't be more simple

Select your chosen course, click to purchase and instructions to access the first video tutorial will be delivered to your inbox.


Need more help?

Each course is designed to deal with a specific problem - 7 days to focus on a single solution.  You can buy each course individually, or purchase all three for a 21 day masterclass.  

Alternatively if you want to work one to one with me to you can find out more here


how to handle difficult conversations & colleagues

Negotiating your career path can be tricky, when difficult colleagues, clients and even managers get in your way.  Even the most brilliant professional can be thrown off her path by the client who cannot be managed or the colleague who undermines her.

Holding difficult conversations and managing difficult people has been pivotal in the last decade of my career as a lawyer.  

Access my masterclass today; learn how to manage the unmanageable, develop your negotiation style and spot the difficult ones before they can derail you.

Your investment: £49

crash course: boost your confidence at work

You are an amazing, professional, well-qualified, empathetic heartfelt career woman who is headed straight to the top.

So why don't you believe it?

Confidence at work is central to your career prospects, not to mention your own emotional health.

If you're ready to walk the talk and feel like a leader in your field then it's time to take this 7 day crash course.  Use my tried and tested techniques that took me from a terrified temp to qualified lawyer, trainer, speaker and writer.  

Your investment: £49

the fast track - all 3 modules

Ready to fast track your career to success?

You will receive all three video trainings; delivered back to back you will receive a 21 day video masterclass to learn at your leisure.  The videos are yours to keep - these are rinse and repeat formulas no matter where you are in your career.

You will receive:

The crash course to boosting your confidence at work

How to handle difficult conversations and colleagues 

Eliminate exhaustion

Additional bonus - Your Best Week - 7 days to smashing your to-do list and leading a life you love.

Total value: £198

Your investment: £99

Your investment: £99 - SAVE 50% !!!!

eliminate exhaustion

Whether you've been working too hard for too long, work or family keeping you awake at night or you're simply burned out and struggling, exhaustion is a career killer.

You can feel energised and enthusiastic, without taking a sabbatical - beat back the exhaustion in only 7 days.

Find out more how to keep going when exhaustion hits; learn to create time and space in amongst the overwhelm; access my go-to methods for hitting the reset button, without the cost of a 5* break to the Maldives

Your investment: £49