this is the single biggest skills exploration i have ever offered.

Why? Biggest this is THE most important skill that will change your life and career.

It's that simple.


this masterclass comes with a warning:
if you're not ready to see massive shfits
in your energy, your happiness and
the way you view your life and work
then this isn't for you.


Most people think that resilience is something you either have or you don't.

They complain that things happen to them and it drags them down, makes them feel flat and low and tired.

What they don't know is that resilience is a skill.  It can be learned, developed and used daily to huge benefit.

Around five years ago I had a conversation that changed the way I viewed myself completely.

I thought that I was a fraud; a lawyer who didn't deserve to be there, that bad things happened to me, that I was on a constant rollercoaster and was always being knocked back, beaten about.  I was desperate for it to stop.

I sat down with my then-manager for a review and she said 'The thing I admire most about you Leah is how resilient you are'.

It was a moment that made the world shift on its axis as I thought 'I'm not resilient, I'm exhausted!'.  But, she was right.

You see the hits kept coming and I never gave up.  Oh I would pivot, change course, misdirect, but I NEVER GAVE UP.

That's the core of resilience.  

These days I feel a little sad for the people I see around me who simply lack resilience.

It affects everything they do, from the way they approach work and deal with difficult times to how they view themselves:




A victim of circumstance

It makes me so sad because I see their potential, I see their strength, but it gets knocked out of them every single time.  Because they don't know how to bounce back.  How to deal and move on quickly.

It's the strength I see flourish in my private clients.  It's the skill that allows them to move from survival to thriving, to living their truest life and asking for more knowing, fully and securely, that they can handle it.

Because when you are resilient you can handle anything

This is the core of everything that I teach.

It's time you learned how to roll with the punches no matter what.



What are we going to cover?

  • What resilience is;
  • What it means for you;
  • Breaking down resilience in to skills;
  • How to implement when you're under pressure;
  • What to do if your resilience is waning.


What do you receive?

This is my most comprehensive skills training yet.

I will invite you to a private Facebook forum for the whole of May.

On May 9th I will hold a live workshop in the private forum, this will also be recorded and uploaded to a private area of the website for you to view again and again.  Like resilience itself, it's yours for life!

Subsequent to the workshop you will receive a full three weeks of challenges, journalling points and training.

In addition I will hold a LIVE QnA session for you to get even more help, support and advice as you implement in May.

Don't forget, I will be available through the Facebook forum throughout May to support, guide and advise as you need to reach out and ask for support.

This is the closest you can get to having me on call 24/7 and accompanying you through your day to cheerlead, inspire and guide you!

What are you waiting for?


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2 x 45 minute 1:1 sessions with Leah by private video call

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