The Rise Initiative

More than a training event, a new way to network and taking both to a whole new level


You're busy, so I'm not going to beat around the bush here.


Traditional networking sucks.


Every training course you've attended is focused on the law and not on who you are or what kind of lawyer you want to be.  Both take time, energy, tights and heels that you just don't have to spare; you're too busy scrambling up a career ladder that, at times, feels more like a greasy pole.


You're tired, you're trying your hardest, and on at least one occasion in the past 3 months you've wanted to throw down like a toddler in the sweet aisle of the supermarket and scream your heart out.

Am I close?

If I am, it's because I've lived it.  My name is Leah and I'm a reformed lawyer.  I decided to become a lawyer aged 9 and it was my one, singular goal in life.


I was called to the Bar in 2007, cross qualified to be admitted to the roll in 2012 and by 2017...  I was done.


My story is far from typical and I won't go into all the details here (because frankly it's not about me!) but my work, experience and eventual step away from law have provided a wealth of information and knowledge.  Call me a cautionary tale if you will, but I want more for you than to walk away after you've worked so hard, when the difference between surviving and thriving is So. Damn. Small.


I'm a mentor and trainer for professional women who are struggling with exhaustion, burnout and overwhelm.  My clients come to me 5, 10, 15 or more years into their career when they have reached a certain level of knowledge, experience and, yes, salary.  And guess what? 

The money, the titles, the job description?  Don't make up for the tiredness, the frustration, the struggle and the sneaking suspicion that maybe they've been chasing the wrong thing all along.


So, what does this have to do with you?

Because I'm sure you don't feel that way... yet.


But maybe you've had a sneaking suspicion, and inkling, that the way you're going isn't sustainable.  That your lack of confidence is holding you back. That you can't do everything at once.  That you're not progressing as quickly or in the way that you wanted.  


From the earliest days of launching my mentoring and training business, Searching for Serenity, I longed for the day that my work was no longer needed.  That women didn't need help and support building their confidence, applying for the jobs they wanted, saying no to unnecessary overtime and energetically pursuing the goals that lit them up like a firework.


You see, being in a job you love, working to develop a career you crave, whilst loving your life and living it to the fullest isn't rocket science.  It isn't even all that difficult.  But it does take a level of awareness, a body of skills, a support network.


That's where the Rise Initiative comes in.


I'm taking everything I know about stress, exhaustion, burnout, confidence, resilience and building a sustainable career and sharing it with you, within a private, safe space.

But it's so much more than just a training space.

This is exclusive for junior(ish!) lawyers.  This is your space to share, ask for help, bounce ideas of other people.  You know, those things that we are SUPPOSED to use our professional network for, but usually don't for fear of being seen as something less than (or being seen at all).


Traditional network requires you to show up to a physical location at an allotted time, watch a presentation and then make small talk with a wide variety of lawyers and others professionals whilst juggling a cup of tea and cake or glass of wine and canapés.

Taking those business cards and desperately trying to find something witty or unique to say when you follow up.  And then never see them again.


By joining the RISE Initiative you will be creating an entirely new professional network; lawyers from other areas of law, other areas of the country, who are brought together by a common concept: that building a long lasting, sustainable and enjoyable career is something to give focus and priority to, that asking for help is something to celebrated, not ashamed of, and that women can empower each other and create something stronger than by acting alone.


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Here's what you can expect from the RISE initiative:

  • Access to a confidential online training space, via Facebook and a password protected website.
  • Twice-monthly live trainings delivered by Leah on topics ranging from confidence to dealing with difficult people to resilience to time management and more.  All trainings will be delivered by live video within the closed Facebook group for you to attend live or watch on replay, and you will have the opportunity to contribute to the upcoming topics.
  • Regular support and free resources.
  • Access to other programmes and skills training events at a preferential rate.


Subscribe, join, attend the trainings that appeal to you whilst you get to lie on the sofa drinking a gin and tonic and eating your dinner (or whilst you're in the gym, or even working late, wherever you have internet access!).  Watch replays when you want to brush up your skills or cover something new.

Ask for support from me or other members of the group on situations that come up for you, knowing that everything is within a safe, confidential space.

Get to know other female lawyers facing the same challenges, frustrations and breakthroughs as you!

Take training deeper, career satisfaction deeper, networking deeper - all from the comfort of your own sofa!

Isn't it time your career caught up with technology?


The RISE initiative costs £22/month to join and you will be automatically charged £22 for every month that you remain a member. There is no minimum contract - just contact me on at least 48 hours before your next payment to request cancellation. No refunds are given.  Click the subscribe button to get started!

launch exclusive September 2018


I love, love LOVE me a fast action taker.  Why?

Because it means you're decisive, you know what you want, you're ready to take action and to make it happen.  

From my perspective that means results, outcomes and happy happy clients who I am going to LOVE working with!

Also, I love giving things away


That's why, for this launch event only, I'm offering a
string of extras depending on how quickly you join me!


Fast Action taker bonus - first 30 members only

Receive my best-selling 7 day home study course Your Best Week, designed to help you smash your to do list and start living your life instead of living to work! Value : £49

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Fast Action taker bonus - first 20 members only

As above (Your Best Week) PLUS receive copies of my 7 day home-study courses; Difficult Conversations and Colleagues, The Crash Course to Boosting Your Confidence at Work and Eliminating Exhaustion, Value: £196

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Fast Action taker bonus - first 10 members only

All of the above (Your Best Week, Difficult Conversations and Colleagues, The Crash Course to Boosting Your Confidence at Work, Eliminating Exhaustion) PLUS a laser mentoring session with Leah AND the opportunity to join my in-person event in Birmingham on 18th November at 50% off, Value £350

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Who is Leah Steele and what is Searching for Serenity?

Always a precocious brat and never one to listen to reason, Leah decided aged 9 that she was going to become a lawyer.  That she was from a working class, single parent family and that none of her family had ever even gone to university, didn't make any difference.  She moved to Bristol for her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 2007.  What followed was 5 years of working full time as a paralegal, part time in various cinemas, shops and mystery shopper roles and volunteering for a charity, whilst applying for pupillage and eventually securing support to cross qualifying using the now-defunct QLTT process.  

Admitted to the roll in 2012 she specialised in Contentious Wills Trusts and Estates and advised clients from around the country, assisted on multimillion pound estate litigation, whilst developing an expertise in paying for care (and running a small jewellery business on the side).  Then, she suffered a sudden and shocking bereavement and the years of overwork and exhaustion caught up.  In 2016 she launched Searching for Serenity, mentoring and training professional women who had also struggled with exhaustion, overwork and burnout.

She has appeared on BBC2, BBC Radio 5 Live, dozens of podcasts, written for LawCare, Stylist magazine and has been quoted in the Huffington Post, Daily Mail and more.  She is a recognised expert in stress management, burnout and career resilience.  She lived in Bristol with her partner Mr Perfect, dog Jasper and cat Smokey.