Welcome to the serenity Circle

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8 week group mentorship mastermind for women who are ready to rise


For the longest time I felt completely out of control in my life.

I seemed to launch from one disaster to the next, feeling like there was nothing I could do to control it.

I had no idea how to get a handle on everything that was going on.  My life seemed to be a complete hot mess compared to everyone around me.

I saw friends with perfect relationships, happy families that didn't fight, who seemed on top of their careers, progressing at a million miles an hour compared to me, and here I was, crying on the floor.  Again.

If it wasn't a family drama it was me coming down with flu or a cold that wouldn't shift, or something that I couldn't quite describe but felt like I was being dragged down.  Or it was problems at work, dramas that I couldn't seem to get away from.  I was't in control of my emotions, my health, my money, my love life.

I felt like a complete fraud.

I would sit in the toilets at work and cry, or sit alone in my car where no-one could see me and eat.  I shared with a few of my friends what was going on but I would try so desperately to be upbeat, to look for the positive, to look for the good.

From hot mess to mega success...Ha!

This isn't a before and after picture, like some slimmer of the world cardboard cut out where the slimline owner of this new body steps out in a fabulous frock and declares that her life is completely changed.

It took a long time.

It took me making mistakes over and over.

Sometimes, on occasion, I STILL feel like a total hot mess.  

But what I realised was, it all started with me.

I couldn't be in control of my life but I could change the way I reacted to it.

I could get in to complete focus about what made me happy and go after it with single minded determination.

I could let go people who made me feel bad about myself, uncomfortable for being who I was.

I could focus exclusively on what I had to offer and how I would create a life on my terms.

I could lose the stress, the worry, the feeling like I should be someone I wasn't.

You know my story, what about yours?

What are you beating yourself up about?

Where do you feel like you're missing out, not enough, not right?

What are you hiding from even your closest friends and family?

The negative thoughts about yourself, the anxiety, the stress, the worry.

The fear that this is it, it's going to be this way forever?

Here's what you need to know

It all starts with you, gorgeous.

You can keep repeating the same patterns over and over, or you can start right here, right now, with a commitment to change.



This is what the Serenity Circle is all about.


My mission is to inspire, educate, support and elevate an entire generation or heartfelt women; to create a ripple effect of inspiration, guidance and love.

Women require a platform to speak from, the voice to be heard, the energy to keep going when it's tough, the skill to lead and the compassion and empathy to inspire and guide others.

It doesn't matter what your JOB is, I'm talking about what's in your heart.

Being the best version of you that you can be.

How being the best version of you inspires your employees, colleagues, children, partner, friends, family.

Being the woman that you want to share with the people around you.

Being who you know you were born to be.


Serenity Circle is an 8 week group mentorship mastermind.

I am going to help support, inspire and deliver:

  • what you need to elevate your mindset
  • create the support inner narrative that you crave
  • feel inspired and ready, body and soul, for your next challenge
  • learn how to be confidence, assertive and feel not just comfortable but empowered doing it
  • create the boundaries you desperately crave
  • develop the joyful, fun-loving, relaxed you that you have always wanted.

This isn't for the faint-hearted.

You have to do the work

You have to WANT to do the work 

8 weeks.

Confidence | Assertiveness | Boundaries | Energy and Time Management | Break down the barriers | Creating joy, fun and inspiration from within | Rewrite your critical inner monologue and create your OWN story


How does it work?

Every Friday morning you will receive an email from me with an audio/video overview of the topic we are covering in the coming week, together with a workbook for you to complete.

The following week I will invite you in to a group video call for you to ask your questions, discuss any issues that have come up for you, get the support you need and elevate your success.



top 3 bonus!! ***only 2 places remaining***

Be one of the first 3 to join and receive 2 x 30 minute private calls with me to use at your discretion throughout our 8 weeks together.  Get even greater support, specific and individual advice and assistance whenever you need it!

There are only 6 TOTAL places available, do NOT delay gorgeous! ***only 5 places remain!***