Are you ready for more soul?


What you focus on grows.

You attract what you are a match for.

Happiness is an inside job.


How many times have you heard me say these?  And how often have you thought 'that's all well for you but I can't'?

Be honest, we both deserve that.

When I talk about journalling, resilience, internal monologues, the biggest issue that comes up for my clients by far is creating that positive self-talk.


How many of these apply to you?

  • Affirmations leave you feeling cringey and like a flakey fraud;

  • You listen to me get passionate and fired up and feel inspired, but those flames of inspiration soon die away again;

  • You catch yourself being so nasty about yourself that you're ashamed, but you're not sure how to change it;

  • You desperately try to reframe the negative beliefs but, ugh, I'm stuck;

  • It feels too much, overwhelming;

  • You're not quite sure how you're supposed to love yourself when you feel this overwhelmed, and you're constantly trying to chicken-and-egg-logic this thing

  • You are short on time but want to get to \that\ space, energy and drive every day.


I get it.

You know me by now.  You know I'm cynical and sarcastic and I swear and I drink gin.  And you know me 5 years in to my own self development journey.

When my first coach told me to start journalling and saying affirmations, can you imagine what my face looked like??

Seriously, just for a moment.  It'll make you laugh.

I wondered why in the name of holy fuck I had just handed the best part of £3k over to a flakey, kumbaya bullshit woman and started looking for the nearest exit.


Of course, you're smarter than me and you already KNOW this works... you simply struggle with the execution.  With keeping yourself in that state every day.  With bouncing back to happiness and gratitude and positivity when you slightly want to scream at the whole world.

Finding and maintaining a resilient, positive mindset is foundational to EVERYTHING I preach and teach.

There is zero point in journalling or learning about resilience or confidence if you don't fucking back yourself.


It's time to take this down to a soul level.


I also know how difficult it can be to create this state from within when you're struggling and overwhelmed.  'Find a state of joy she says, come back to gratitude she says.... I don't even know what they felt like before!!!'

It's easier to accept from someone else than from yourself, easier to believe, easier to feel.

So here's where our souls meet.


What is Serenity Soul?

First up let me say, I have never seen this done before.  I have never had this offered to me and I am SO excited to create this with you.

Serenity Soul is a direct link from my soul to yours, via your phone.

Every weekday, Monday - Friday, I am going to send a message for the day.  It might be a journalling prompt, it might be a thought to consider.  It might be an action to take or it might be an outright rant/speech/monologue on your greatness.  What it WILL be is the energy boost you require, the support you desire and a daily demonstration of a positive inner monologue.

Every single week day, you will receive a message from me that I know you need to hear.  No more than 10 minutes long (I was going to say 5, but let's face it, this is me and I don't do anything quickly).  

You WILL need to stick in your earphones because it's likely to get loud, lairy and sweary.

I am going to be your inner cheerleader.


How long is it for?

Every week day you will receive a guided message from me to focus, create inner strength and inspire you to go further.

But it's not just this week, or next week. 

It's every week.

That's right, this is a 'course' without end.  Except of course, there's no specified curriculum except my cheerleading you to greatness every single day.

Join, take it on, leave whenever you want. No minimum period, just pay for as long as you stay.


How does it work?

Join using the subscription button below and send me a message via Facebook messenger or email (  

I will send you a link to my channel on Telegram - this is a closed channel on the secure Telegram chat app that allows me to broadcast messages to all the members of Serenity Soul.  I will also send you a link to the Serenity Soul chat thread, also on Telegram; this will allow you to offer and receive support to other members, check in, ask for accountability - or have random chat about cake and silly shenanigans (after all, we do shenanigans so well!). 

You'll join for the guidance, you'll stay for the community and support.


Keep me in your pocket every single day, receive the support and inspiration you've desired for so damned long, every working day.


What's the investment?

This is such a fundamental component of everything I preach and teach that it felt completely right to make it affordable for everyone!  Remember, there's no minimum contract, this rolls month by month and you stay for as long as you desire to. And for less than a daily chocolate bar, it seems a total no-brainer to give it a whirl!

doors re-opening - august 2019

I haven’t openly promoted Serenity Soul since it first started over a year ago. It’s now been 15 months that I’ve been pouring daily love, support and guidance into the ears of my clients and, as I dive deeper into my own development, now is absolutely the right time to share this with you.

So, over this rainy and stormy August weekend, I’m re-opening membership to Serenity Soul, to send you daily notes of guidance, support, inspiration and reminders to keep you calm, centred and in control.

Join in August 2019 and whilst you’ll only pay your normal monthly membership (which rolls month by month and you can stop at any time) you’ll also receive 7 days of unlimited support from me via a private 1:1 telegram channel.

Ready to join?
Click the button below to subscribe!