Aren't you exhausted already?  

If you're not running around like a headless chicken at work trying to get everything done, you're pushing yourself to be the parent partner/parent/friend/daughter you can be.  And then of course there's cooking, cleaning, trying token on top o the errands.  And maybe do something interesting or relaxing from time to time?!

If you wonder why you're feeling anxious to the point of nausea then it's about time you took a step back.

Are you doing all this because you want to?  Or because you're terrified to stop?

I've long since spoken about the feeling of running on a treadmill and feeling like you're about to fall off; this feeling was due in large part to my near-constant fear and anxiety.  Fear of doing it right, fear of doing it wrong, fear of not being enough, fear of being found out.

It was truly exhausting.

You deserve better than this.

Let me share a little part of my story with you.

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If we haven't met already then let me introduce myself.  My name is Leah and I am the founder of Searching for Serenity.

I spent more than a decade working in my professional corporate career as a lawyer.  I had decided to become a lawyer in November 1993, aged 9.  It wasn't because I was a precocious brat (ok, not *just* because) but because I had been introduced to lawyers following a traumatic event/series of events and I saw lawyers as these wonderful, amazing, beautiful things.

Not necessarily physically beautiful mind you.  But they were up there with angels and unicorns in my world.

You see, I had spent my entire childhood living in fear.  I have very few positive memories; most of them are of hiding under the kitchen table whilst glasses smashed and my mother screamed, of screaming and crying for help and calling the police.

My story is far from unique, but it's also far from the only reason why a child grows up experiencing fear.

Whether it's a feeling of lack, worry about money, ill-health, bullying or something deeper, so many of us grow up feeling not enough, not good enough, not smart enough, not secure enough.

That feeling of lack, or not being enough then translates itself, in us Type A, smart hard-working types, in to a need to do more.

To work harder than everyone else, to be the best in an attempt to create the security that we lack within ourselves.

But the outside world has very limited impact on what we feel, what we believe about ourselves.

So, over time, the need to over-work, to push for more to make up for what we lack, gets translated in to fear.  Fear of what happens if we stop, fear of the wolf at the door, an unnamed, unspoken fear that grips us.

And really, is it any wonder when you work as hard as you do, for as many hours as you do, and hold yourself to these impossible standards, that your fear and anxiety flares up when you're so tired, in so much struggle?

I get it, I've lived it, and I've changed my story

I let that fear and anxiety drive me, push me nearly in to the ground, to a place where I thought I was lazy if I worked less than 60 hours a week.  I beat myself up constantly.  Until I had a complete collapse and was unable to cope with everything I had put on my plate and the events that unfolded around me.

I've spent the past 3 years diving deep in to every area of research, every technique, every study I can get my hands on.

This humpty-dumpty put herself back together again, and it's my mission to help a whole generation of women reach the training and support they need before they fall as I did.


Join me for 21 days of audio training that will go deep in to why you feel fear and anxiety, how to harness it and how to release what no longer helps you.

Over 21 days we will explore:

  • What fear and anxiety are and why you feel them;
  • Understanding your own symptoms and triggers;
  • Practical strategies to reduce anxiety and move forward;
  • Preventative action;
  • Releasing fears and unhelpful patterns of behaviour; and so much more...

I know that you're tired, pressed for time and struggle to care for yourself so I've made this completely easy for you; the trainings will be delivered to your inbox each day in audio format, they are no longer than 12 minutes each so you can listen to them on your commute to work, at lunchtime, or hiding in the bathroom for the rest of your family [delete as appropriate].

The exercises you have are almost immediately implementable and are often of the type that no-one else would ever know that you were strengthening your fear and anxiety muscles rather than concentrating on a rather taxing report...

Ready to get started?  Thought so! Click the button below to join and receive the first audio to your inbox straight away!


I made this for you

I recently held a training on fear and anxiety that attracted more attendees than ever before.

My clients told me over and over again that this was exactly how they felt, what they needed, that they wanted more.

This is the result; a deep dive training that is built entirely around you; discover your own triggers, how to manage, use my techniques and establish your own to manage your anxiety.

The best part is this training is yours for LIFE.


That's not all!

Join before Saturday 20th May and receive a bonus gift from me; a meditation for managing anxiety, recorded exclusively for this course.

All yours to use whenever and wherever required!



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