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When I worked as a lawyer, I dreamed of this group…

 There is still this pervasive attitude in the professional community that resilience is something you’re born with, that you must be tough, that everything must roll off you like water off a duck’s back.

Over the years I have heard people say that you should never show your emotions, that letting others know that you are busy or overworked is a sign of failure, that you are either made for this life or you should leave.

They’re wrong.

Resilience is something that is cultivated, that is developed over time. It is not innate. You are not a failure.

You are damned good at what you do, and I want to help you be even better.

If you’re reading this then there are a few things I know about you already.

  • You have been feeling run-down, exhausted, ill.;

  • You work hard; long hours, thinking about work when you are supposed to be relaxing, working evenings and weekends, taking on special projects and extra study;

  • Since day one you’ve struggled with feelings of inadequacy, feeling ill-prepared, worrying about keeping up with others, so you over-work and over-perform to make sure;

  • You are naturally a smart high-achiever but it would make you squirm if I asked you to say it out-loud;

  • You’ve been signed off sick or taken days of holiday as mental health days, struggle to do much at weekends because you’re so tired;

  • You’ve tried taking holidays but you don’t switch off, work extra-long hours before you go, and come back to a ridiculously high to do list;

  • You’re the go-to at work. The problem fixer. The one who gets it done;

  • You’re terrified that you’re going to get found out and you’re not sure how much longer you can keep going.

How many of them are you?