WHW Journalling Bootcamp
Why - How - What



Day 1 start where you are video

Day 2 

How I journal video

Day 3 - creating positive statements that work!

Yesterday’s livestream focused on HOW I journal, and I explained how my Journalling ends with positive statements or affirmations.

It can feel uncomfortable when you first start practising them, feeling unreal or removed or wishful thinking.

So let’s push past that block.

Here’s the parameters.

It has to feel real.
It has to feel meaningful.
It has to inspire and push you.
It has to be positively framed.
It has to bring you closer to your goal or desired state.

Think of the kind of phrases you would use if your best friend was upset or tired or struggling.

Start by writing out a minimum of 15 affirmations or positive statements.

I’ll start you wish two:

I always have more time and energy than I need.
I am safe, secure and loved... always

Go start and share your results or struggles below. How do you feel?

Day 4 - exploring worries

This is a Journalling prompt I use when I’m either feeling a little vulnerable or in need of support, or when I know I need to get clarity on a situation.

After my main Journalling (how do I feel, how do I desire to feel, positive statements to bring me up) I often ask this question 

‘What do I need to know today?’

It’s a straight line to your intuition and inner guidance; it’s also an opportunity to explore where you’re falling down or struggling in some way.

My approach to this is to take a step back from my emotions and consider how I would speak to or advise a friend in a similar situation; with love and support, with kindness, with a positive viewpoint.

What comes up when you hear this question?

Day 5 - choosing to let it go

Can you feel the weight of it? The things that you’re holding on to, the things that are weighing you down?

I know I’m ready to shed a whole layer right now. It’s a full moon tomorrow and I always find it a fantastic time to focus on release and setting new goals - think of it as the original sprint scrum 😂

So, when you’re feeling bogged down, overwhelmed, emotional or heavy with responsibility, try this exercise.

What do I choose to release?

Write this at the top of he page, take a deep breath and start allowing yourself to think of all the things you choose to release.

I choose to release the need for approval.
I choose to release my tension and worry.
I choose to release the need for reassurance.

Get deeper and more specific if you can but start and simply allow it to flow.

Don’t stop yourself, don’t search for the answers, just allow them to come up and flow through your pen...

Aim to write for at least two pages of A5, the deeper you get into the exercise the easier it will flow

Day 6 - where attention goes, energy flows

Remember right back at the beginning when I told you to spend time focusing on how you felt, how you wanted to feel and then marshalling your thoughts to go for it?

Well, how do you know what to go for?

Today is a full moon. It’s a perfect time to get clear on what you want to achieve and to state your goals.

So here’s your exercise for today.

Open your journal and ask yourself the question ‘where do I want to be one month from today?’

Without too much force, allow all the thoughts and feelings to bubble up and start spilling them out on the page.

No censorship, no restriction, what comes up?

Physically, emotionally, geographically.
What progress do you want to see?
What change do you want to feel.

Let it all spill out.

Then stop for a moment and focus your thoughts. Get really clear on a vision of who you are and what you have one month from today.

Go back through the statements and put a line through any that don’t attract you or pull your attention. Circle the ones that most excite or pull you.

Note at this point the items you look to circle because you ‘think you should’ and ask yourself whether there is something you need to release or let go of here.

What’s the big circled changes coming up for you here?

Day 7 raising the standard

Today is a simple exercise to tag on to your Journalling that is guaranteed to improve your happiness and mental flexibility.

Before you dive into affirmations/promotion statements take 60 seconds to write as many real true concrete things that you are grateful for.

Set a timer and challenge yourself to write as many as possible in that time.

Gratitude is shown to improve our happiness and resilience, and getting them out rapid fire means you arent adding much time to your Journalling. Gamify the situation by trying to add +1 items of gratitude each day.

No cheating by checking on the previous day’s list and you get nil points for airy fairy stuff like ‘my family’. Be specific, be real, get down in the nitty gritty 


Day 8 video

Day 9: when you feel stuck, sabotaging or hitting Groundhog Day.

You know those times that you feel ‘why in the actual FUCK is this happening to me AGAIN, I deserve better than this’?

Me too. I realised yesterday that I had fully and completely stepped into some old paradigms around boundaries, confidence, being everyone else’s support.

Let’s just say it didn’t end prettily.

So here’s the process I took myself through yesterday to start clearing it

1 - what is the pattern or behaviour I’m noticing
2 - what is it about this situation that upsets or distressed me? (Don’t let yourself get derailed by emotion at this point, try to keep an element of casual composure. If you’re struggling, do a brain dump for 5 minutes and then come back to this question)
3 - what part do I play here (be honest!)
4 - what is the lesson I think I need to learn.

The questions are deliberately open because what comes up will be different for everyone, but allow yourself 10-15 mins to complete this and be honest and compassionate with yourself.

What comes up for you?

Day 10: ready to move forward from Groundhog Day?

This is a perfect complement to yesterday’s exercise and is a perfect opportunity to dive into the behaviours or habits that keep us stuck.

Think of this as a goal setting exercise is reverse.

Answer this question as many times as you can, at least x 30

‘What am I no longer available for’

PS want inspiration? I’m using this exact exercise in tomorrow’s blog!

Day 11 - uncovering the block

Another aspect on the feeling stuck-getting into struggle-ou of control mindset.

We KNOW when we're causing ourselves difficult. We KNOW when we're sabotaging.

Time to face that gorgeous.

Here's the process to sneak up on it.

1 - How do I feel right now?
2 - Where do I feel I'm stuck right now? (minimum 5 lines)
3 - How am I sabotaging myself? What am I doing that's causing me pain or to struggle? (minimum half page)
4 - why would I choose this?

Remember that everything we do is for a good reason. Every action, whether it's stopping or starting or spinning off into space with stress... we learned to do it.

Give yourself permission to explore it and to be honest with yourself.


Day 12 the end of day

Full confession: I didn’t journal until 10.30pm today. I was so focused on the doing that I just kind of jumped in.

It meant I was a little more messy, a little less focused, but it’s all about self acceptance whilst striving for self improvement, right?

But here’s what I did at the end of the day.

Sat down for 10 minutes before I went to bed and answered these short questions:

What went well today?
What didn’t go so well?
What do I wish to achieve tomorrow?
What did I learn?

Ten minutes focused completely on progress and growth, ended with a couple of growth and progress minded statements (under what did I learn) and I’m ready to drift off, knowing I already have a head start on tomorrow!