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Hello and thank you for joining me for Searching for Serenity's 7-day video tutorial series, Your Best Week. For those of you that I haven't met already, my name is Leah. I'm the founder of Searching for Serenity, which is a mentoring practice for professional, heartfelt woman who are struggling with issues of exhaustion, overwhelm, and burnout. This 7-day video course is intended as an entryway to help you start recovering from your exhaustion and overwhelm and burnout. It is delivered in a daily format via video, audio, and transcript to allow you the ultimate flexibility in taking on both the knowledge and applying the learning each day.

Each video and audio will be less than 10 minutes in length. Everything is there for you to apply the moment you start reading. There's no additional textbook. There's no extra resources, except those I've provided for you along with this video. Everything is there for you to apply straightaway.

This course is a combination of practical and pragmatic tools that you can instantly apply instantly. The theory that underpins this is that if I can give you enough time and stress management tools to give you more time in your day, more time to yourself, less feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion, then we can really start to look at the behavioural issues and the reasons why you've got to this situation today.

A few housekeeping issues before we go into this. I would suggest that you grab a notebook for this week. There are things that you're going to want to make notes of. I've given you some worksheets as we go throughout the week, so things that I've asked you to do specifically, but it will really help you if you could keep all of the information in one place. The idea behind this is 'Your Best Week' is your rinse and repeat tools. These are the tools that I've used as a very overworked and sometimes stressed lawyer. They're the tools that I apply with my clients, both privately paying and through my distance-learning programmes. Your Best Week's a blend of all of the best tools I have in my toolkit, so that you can really start to see big changes and so that you can start making that time for you each day.

Grab your notebook, grab a pen, grab a cup of tea if you want to and let's get straight into today's video.

Before we deliver any particular practical training, there's one thing that I want you to very carefully consider. You reached out to Searching for Serenity presumably because you have also been struggling with the exhaustion and the overwhelm that so many of us face in the first decade of our careers. You also signed up to this course because you want to see big changes. What I want you to consider is what those changes are. You can take a few moments to write them down in your notebook or if they are something that you really haven't considered, then I would ask you to pause the video here and just take a moment or two to think about what you want to achieve. It is so easy to keep going on this treadmill. You know that you're exhausted. You know that this isn't it, but you don't really know what "it" looks like. Now is your opportunity to start deciding.

I firmly believe that we all have the abilities within us to create the lives that we love and the lives that best suit us. To know where you're going, you need to find a path, and you need to set the destination. Simple satnav rules. Today, we're going to start setting the destination. I want you to consider what your best day would look like. What would your best week look like? How would you feel? How many hours would you work? What would you eat? All of these things that come up for you when you consider what a 10 out of 10 day would look like for you. Start noting those down in your notebook because, then, as we go through this week, hopefully, when you start to see those changes, you'll see yourself heading along that path to what would be your best week.

When you have done that, and feel free to pause the audio or video and come back to this as you need to, we're looking today at time. Now, time is our most limited resource. It is the one thing that we can never claim back, we can never recover, we can never extend. As a result, so many of us feel exhausted and as though we're about to fall off the back of a treadmill. That feeling of something at your heels that makes you speed a little bit and makes you feel more slightly more stressed.

Back on the page where you found this video, you will also find a link to a worksheet. Now, this is simply a time breakdown, 24 hours a day. As we're going through this week, I want you to note down, in very brief detail, of what it is that you are doing, hour by hour. Now, we're doing this on Day One because I want you to start with a baseline. Obviously, there is going to be a test effect. If you have signed up to a course named Your Best Week, you're already looking at trying to create that week, and you might be doing things that you wouldn't otherwise do.

However, for today, I want you to note out on a simple hour-by-hour basis of what you have done. For example, between the hours of 5:00 and 6:00 a.m., you may well have been asleep. Between 9:00 and 1:00, you may have been at work, and 1:00 and 2:00, you were at lunch. That's all the detail that you need to do. Just note down what you were doing. Now, this is something that you can do in a few minutes already this morning. It's something that you can do at 5 minutes at the end of this day, but just make a note as you're going through the day because it is so easy to lose track of what we are doing and to start losing time. As I said earlier, it's our most valuable resource.

Finally, because each of the things I'm asking you to do are only a couple of minutes long, this is something I want you to do throughout the week, now. 5-10 minutes minimum, per day, on looking after you. How you decide what looks after you is up to you. It might be a long, hot shower without your child beating on the shower door. It might be a slow cup of coffee at the kitchen counter before you have to leave for work for the day, rather than rushing out of the door, already running late and stressed. It might be taking, I don't want to shock you, might be taking 10 minutes of your lunch break, actual 10 minutes to get out and walk around and see the weather outside and see nature and breathe some air that isn't air-conditioned. That is something I'm going to ask you to do every day this week.

You might wonder why I'm not asking you to set aside an hour. It's because I already know how time-limited you are. I already know how stressed you are, so we're going to start small, and we're going to work our way up.

In addition to this video today, what I'm asking you to do is to download the time sheets, as they were, and to fill in what you've been doing throughout today. We'll come back to it tomorrow, but what we need today is note hour-by-hour what you were doing, in no great detail, and finally, 5-10 minutes, get outside, relax, do something, this purely and solely for you.

If you are telling me that you don't have 5-10 minutes, then we need to look at your time sheet again. Well, I'm sure that you will find some space throughout today to still look after you and to give yourself time to rest, relax, and breathe.

That's all I'm asking for today. I'll be back in your inbox tomorrow with Day Two of the Your Best Week course. As ever and as I will say to you throughout this week, if you have any questions that come up or anything that you want to discuss with me, you can tag me in a comment in Searching for Serenity Facebook group or you can ping an email at hello@searchingforserenity.co.uk. I'm always here to offer you as much support as you need. If there is something that is really bothering you or that you need further assistance with, do not hesitate to contact me.

 I will be back in your inbox tomorrow. I hope you have a wonderful day. Let me know how you're getting on in the Facebook group. Take care of yourself. Bye for now.