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day 6

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Good morning. Thank you for joining me for Searching For Serenity's seven day video tutorial series, Your Best Week. Today we are on day six. Now, throughout this week, we have been boosting our energy and dealing with self care. We've been boosting your enthusiasm, helping you to create your to-do list even when you are overwhelmed, to strategize, to really focus on key tasks so that you reduce your stress. We've gone through a lot this week. I don't expect you to have been able to implement and feel comfortable with each of these techniques yet. However, I will draw to your attention, strategizing your day at the beginning and end of each day, book ends your day. If you haven't been using the decision matrix, updating your to-do list, or using your time sheets to track where your daytime is in each day, and to plan out your next day, I would encourage you to do this today. 


 The reason for this is, throughout all of this, I have been trying to help you to boost your enthusiasm, but also your efficiency, to help you get through tasks quicker, to batch those tasks, to deal with them in the biggest priority so that you can walk away at the end of the day and relax. 


Now, there's no point walking away at the end of the day and relaxing unless there's something to walk away to. Now, Your Best Week came about through a combination of all of my own techniques that I implemented in my career and that I've bee implementing with my clients. We're bringing them all together to give you your best work week. Your work week is limited to 45 hours or so, hopefully. The rest of those hours in that week are yours. Now you have to be sleeping through some of them and I'm sure you'll do a bit of overtime in some. What we need to start doing is planning out your leisure time. It sounds like an antiquated phrase, doesn't it? Leisure time. It's something that has very much fallen by the wayside in the professional life for the last 10 to 15 years. We've cycled strait through the 80s work hard play hard, just to working hard with very little play. 


Today we're bringing in the play. Now, before you switch off this video and think I don't need somebody telling me how to plan my free time. Just think for a moment. As we discussed earlier in the week, when we take breaks whilst working, you boost your efficiency. We all know the rhetoric around exercise, boosting your endorphins, boosting your serotonin levels, helping you sleep. Really, this is about rebalancing your life. Today, I'm going to ask you to start using your time sheets to plan out fun things. Easiest way to start is with your notebook and start listing out all of the things that you would do if you were not stressed, working long hours, completely overwhelmed. That might be spending time with your children before they go to sleep, taking them out to the local zoo or somewhere that you've wanted to go for so long now. It might be meeting up with a friend for a drink. It might be taking a weekend away with your other half, long walks in the forest with the dog. Whatever it might be, start listing them out. Don't stop until you are completely out of ideas. You can stop the video here if you want to and come back to me later. 


Now that you have your list, start using the decision matrix if you need to, start planning them. Start deciding which ones are the most important and which ones you're going to implement as soon as possible. Then you're going to put them in on your time sheet. Now, of course we can't all plan a weekend away when we've got busy work week and commitments over the weekend, but my favourite way of doing this is actually to have a list of things that we want to do, to come back to. Almost like picking them out of a bowl. If you've ever seen the little scrolls that you can get in little bottles. I had these a few years ago from a French boutique shop giving you little boosts of confidence each day. Why not do something like that? Then when you get to a spare weekend, when you come up to time off and you're sitting and wondering what to do with yourself, fish around in the bowl for something. These are all the things that you have been putting off doing. 


You can't be expected to live your fullest and your best life, and you can't be expected to bring all of you to your work and have nothing to replenish you. I want to be clear. This fun, this list of things that you want to do, is as important as eating the occasional kale salad, knocking off the booze a couple of nights a week. It is nourishment. It nourishes your soul. It nourishes you bodily. You're getting out and about. It gives your brain an opportunity to switch off. It also gives you a reason to keep going when you have the tough days at work. You have something that is planned in your diary, that you know is coming up. Well, the odd bad day at work, pales in comparison to the fun that you know that you're going to have, a relaxational joy. It's the same theory as when you've booked your holiday. It's amazing how much you get done in the two weeks prior to a holiday isn't it? That's what we're going to keep throughout your working days. That feeling that I'm working towards something, even if that something is a trip to the zoo at the weekend. 


 I'd really like to hear how you've got on with this task because it's one of those tasks that people will often brush over and I think it's absolutely fundamental. I know we will struggle with it. I put my hand up to it. I struggle myself, particularly when you're exhausted and overwhelmed, which is why I've brought it in at this stage of the week. As we've been opening up those pockets of time, those periods of self care, because this needs to be as ingrained in your day to day as getting up, putting a little bit of makeup on before you go to work, putting your shoes on before you leave the house, or grabbing a third coffee at the office. 


Let me know how you get on with this one. I will be back in your inbox tomorrow for day seven. I can't believe it's day seven already. We will be recapping all of the work we’ve done so far and I'll be bringing you one thing that I really want you to focus on. You can reach out to me in the Facebook group. Remember to tag me in your comment, or you can email me at I really want to hear how you got on this one and how you feel about planning out your life as supposed to your work for a change. In the meantime, have an amazing day. Take care of yourself. Bye for now.