your Best Week…. live!

The 7 day sprint to smash your to do list,
boost your energy and leaving you feeling
calm and in control

Exhausted. Overwhelmed. High volume of work. Broke. Tired. Ill. Struggling.

This is the feedback I have received from clients, members of my community and wider from this week alone.

January can be tough I know, but this is more. Chronically overworked, battling the to do list, struggling to keep your energy high. I get it.

When you’re overworked it can be difficult to focus on anything; you feel like you’re flailing around in the dark and not getting anywhere, slowly sinking under the weight of everything you have to do, everything you’re struggling against.

With every single client that comes through my metaphorical door, this is where we start. A 7 day sprint of getting clear on what they have to do (no more fear of the what-ifs), on what truly is urgent and getting it done, on how to manage your time and your energy.

This 7 day sprint is the culmination of YEARS of overwork as a lawyer; of consistently holding caseloads 2, 3 or more times larger than I was supposed to, it’s how I was consistently top of the leader board in turning over and billing work throughout the first decade of my career, it’s how I worked to keep those plates spinning.

Now, look, I know you’re tired. But so much of that tiredness is from not getting RESULTS. When you see tangible results, even if it’s as simple as shit crossed off your to do list - you will get an immediate endorphin boost. Well, truth be told it’s a dopamine hit - the same thing that keeps us coming back for sex, illegal drugs, or.. you know, chocolate and facebook scrolls.

Anyway, we’ll go into the science of it another day; what you need to do know is the moment you get OUT of action and IN to results, you get FIRED UP.

Any that’s exactly what we’re going to be doing here.

Join me for Your Best Week Live and you will achieve more in 7 dayss than you have in the last month combined.

Just in time to cure that January-oh-shit-why-haven’t-I-achieved-anything slump


Look, this is foundational Leah Steele Searching for Serenity content right here - personally I don’t think anyone should GET to work with me until they have gone through YBW once… AT LEAST once! It’s fundamental.

I also know that it’s January, that many of you are broke and are just begging for an excuse to feel like a failure. So I’m making this a total no brainer, non negotiable for you.

Usually YBW as a home study course is £49… this January I’m making it just £24


Be one of the first 25 to join and get your place in YBW for just £10!

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