I know that in films, sequels are inferior to the original, but oh baby that is NOT the case here.

If you haven't received it already (if not, why not, and check out the bonus below!) Your Best Week was a 7 day course designed to help you smash your to-do list, clear your desk and give you immediate relief from being overwhelmed by everything you had to do.

It has spawned some really quite fanatical devotees (in the best possible sense of the word) to the use of the decision matrix, running to do list and time and again clients reach out to me to tell me that they have dived back in to this course when everything mounts up.

That happens, life will do that.

I think in 12 years of practising as a lawyer I maybe had an hour or two TOTAL when I had run out of work to do; for many years I worked in jobs where i would have an addition 150-200 things added to my list EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

So when I talk about smashing your to-do list, giving yourself amazing confidence and energy so high that you are practically infectious from it, creating space to focus on what you TRULY need instead of endless tail-chasing, I know what I'm on about.

I have had more days that I care to count when I would use absolutely every technique in Your Best Week and would end the day knowing that I had achieved more in one day than I had in the previous week.

But there is SO MUCH MORE.

So many more techniques, tools that I use, some that I have developed and revisited again recently.

Some that I just didn't even think to include because I hadn't even realised I did them.

This is no a do-over, a remix or a rehash of Your Best Week.  That course stands alone and by itself.

This is 10 days of ALL NEW TECHNIQUES AND TOOLS, to get you moving even quicker, to get the work flowing and batting it out of the park!

It is absolutely, resolutely practical, this isn't about changing who you are, this is about getting to see the wood on your desk for the first time in weeks, months, years, so that you can get on with the life-changing work of not being exhausted, overrun and self-loathing.

Yes, you heard me.

You think that just because you're not on top of everything all the time that you must be the world's worst everything?

Screw that.  You're struggling with being overburdened, over-exhausted, over-worked and over-thinking it.

Stop thinking, start acting and together we are going to clear our desks, become more productive than ever before and HAVE FUN whilst doing it!

You heard me!

We are going to do this together, LIVE, starting on WEDNESDAY 5TH JULY; 10 days of tools and techniques delivered via a live Facebook group AND 2 LIVE QnA sessions with me in group in that time.  We are all pulling together on this one; supporting each other and going hell for leather to get you on top of live and work by 14th July.

Because, after allow are now entering the second half of the year.

What better way to start than to clear out all the crap and start the third quarter of the year with a BANG??

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Fastest finger first - the first 6 women to join me on this 10 day journey and pay in full will receive Your Best Week Volume II at HALF PRICE!

PLUS receive YOUR BEST WEEK VOLUME I live, in group, as a pre-work bonus WORTH £49 alone!