Do your big career dreams feel like a distant memory?
Sick of struggling alone, feeling lost and overwhelmed, exhausted and just…done?

I get it, I’ve been there and I’m here to help
My name’s Leah and welcome to Searching for Serenity

What is burnout?

Burnout is a syndrome that develops from chronic workplace stress that hasn’t been successfully managed. In short; it means you care deeply and have given too much for too long. The good news is that it is reversible and you don’t have to keep struggling alone with it.

What about imposter syndrome?

This is the pervasive underlying belief that your achievements are not your own, that you don’t fit in and that, if people knew the real you, you would be asked to leave or ‘found out’. If you have ever felt like you are looking over your shoulder at work, denied that you were responsible for a big win and put it down to luck or felt ‘if only you knew who much I’m flying by the seat of my pants’ then you’ve experienced imposter syndrome.

Why do you focus on burnout, imposter syndrome AND stress and resilience. Shouldn’t you just do one thing?

I combine all of these things (together along with time management, stress management, how to manage people and about 100 other mini topics) because they are so interlinked. I have yet to meet someone struggling with burnout who isn’t also stressed (it’s there in the definition of burnout!) who couldn’t do with some help with resilience (resilience is the antidote to stress in many cases) and who hasn’t had thoughts of ‘I don’t fit in, I don’t belong here’.

Stress, resilience and imposter syndrome all play a part in burnout which forms the chronic end of the stress and overwork spectrum. Almost all of us fall somewhere along that spectrum and my goal is to provide the knowledge, training and support to prevent others from hurtling headlong into full on burnout, but you can read more about my story here

Burnout is different for everyone,
where do you want to go from here?