this is where everything changes

It is so easy to read about burnout, worry about it and then… pretend everything is ok and do nothing. So, that you’ve found your way here and clicked on to this page?

Well Toto, we’re not in Kansas any more.

Over the past four years I have been researching, playing guinea pig on myself and diving deeper than I ever thought in to what it means to change the struggle with imposter syndrome, break the burnout cycle and all of the components that go with that.

Oh, you thought I just did burnout? There are so many pieces to this puzzle. I’m talking confidence, stress resilience, happiness, speaking up for yourself and so much more.

Over the past 4 years I have launched dozens of live courses, run a thriving monthly membership group, written books and developed corporate training solutions aimed at nipping problems in the bud

So here is where you start to pick your own adventure. Select from each of the options below to find out more about how Searching for Serenity can help change the way you work (and the way you live, bonus!)


This is where it all began for me… and where it begins for you too

Burnout First Aid does what it says on the tin; its all about giving you immediate advice so you understand what burnout is (no, you’re not crazy!), how to take immediate steps to start reversing it.

If you have made it here you have been struggling alone for far too long, with no clear plan of how to create real and effective change. That changes today.

It’s not the end of the equation by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s where you start. It’s first aid for your body, mind and soul. It’s completely free of charge and will take you less than 15 minutes from now to receive, read and implement. Sounds perfect? Click the image to get started


The Searching for Serenity Free Resources Vault

It’s really important to me that everyone know more about burnout, understand why we struggle at work and how we can thrive. Usually this is the point at which you get told that you can find out more for just a small four-figure investment. I call bullshit.

So what I did was set up the Free Resources Vault. All you need to do is click the image to the left, create your log in and access some of my best resources. We are talking; Burnout First Aid, bespoke trainings and worksheets, some of my best free content, plus direct links to my media, podcast interviews, TV and radio appearances and more. New content is uploaded regularly so it’s worth checking back in on a regular basis!

Click the image to get started