I was so exhausted I fell down the stairs. Leg and arm bleeding I got up and walked it off. Later I sat in the toilets at work stuffing tissues straight into my eyes so the tears wouldn't fall and my colleagues wouldn't know I'd been crying at work again.
My friends and family questioned how much longer I could do this; 60 hour weeks were my new normal, I was rarely seen without a venti latte glued to my hand. All questions received the response 'I'm fine, I love my job!'. And it was 100% true. I loved my job, had great prospects, was well respected, hell some people considered me an expert (although I didn't. If they only knew what a wreck I was, right?).
It took a decade and a complete collapse in my health for me to realise that this wasn't tiredness, a vitamin deficiency or because I was a failure. I was burned out. Exhausted from running too long on the corporate treadmill, worried more about what others thought of me than I did myself and truth be told, I didn't really recognise the girl in the mirror any more.
Burnout affects your physical, emotional and mental health. It can cause problems in every area of your life and you rarely see it coming.
I had to completely overhaul my life to put the pieces back together again, but I want to help you before it gets that far.
The most important thing you can know is that burnout happens to the most fantastic, ambitious, dynamic and impassioned professionals. We give everything to our careers, clients and colleagues. We say yes to every challenge because we want to go straight to the top. We work extra hours to smash those targets and go the extra mile for every client. We work in dynamic and stressful fields and wear the long hours, high demands of others and crazy work schedules like a badge of honour.
Until it all falls apart.
I've made it my mission to help amazing professional women like you to continue to make a huge difference in this world. Let me guide you through my path back from burnout,to build your resilience and be able to cope with the bumps in the road. It doesn't have to, nor should it ever, mean you have to quit the job you love. Let me support you through the practical and pragmatic steps you can use to steer toward a healthier work-life balance and an amazing career.
If you want to learn more about the practical steps I used to beat burnout and build my resilience whilst working as a time-limited busy lawyer I would love to gift you my ebook Burnout First Aid. You can access it here for FREE http://tinyurl.com/burnoutfirstaid