It took me until 3pm today to realise that it was Friday the 13th.

I've looked at my phone dozens of times, had an appointment booked in for today, but it took me until 3pm to realise that it was Friday the 13th.

I kid you not, in law I almost always took Friday the 13th off work.  I am not exceptionally superstitious and I regard every bit of woo-woo through a lens of psychology and experience, but Friday the 13th?  Yeesh.

It felt like anything that could go wrong would go wrong because I was surrounded by people who, of course, thought that anything that could go wrong would go wrong on Friday 13th.

Never underestimate the ability of herd mentality to create an issue where there is none.  All it takes is one person radiating hostility for an entire office to become negative, or one sharp word to spread ill-will.

For women like you and me, it's even more difficult because we are naturally empathetic.  We see beyond the displayed and we read emotions, energy, intentions, motivations like a superpower.

Strangely, I was told today that I had a rare gift for reading the emotions of people despite their presentation.  But more about that another day.

Noticing yourself picking up the emotions of others and holding on to them is a skill that very few people are ever taught or discover for themselves.

Picking up on how you are being subtly influenced in order to stop yourself running off the rails (come on, how many times have you bought a pile of food you didn't want because you needed support, or drunk wine *way* too quickly when you got home, because of the stress you picked up) is a skill that every woman needs in her arsenal.

I didn't notice that it was Friday 13th because I had a wonderful, uplifting day putting the past to bed and creating future plans with someone just as driven and ambitious as me (and who is JUST as bad at taking a compliment as each of us).

Because I wasn't drawn in by the fears and worries and attitudes and outbursts of other people.

Regardless or where you are, what you're doing, who you are with, you get to feel amazing.

You get to have an effective, efficient day.
You get to clear your to do list with total ease and flow.
You get to do the work that inspires you and plays to your strengths
You get to leave the office feeling proud, content and satisfied.
You get to do this every single day.
Including Friday the 13th!

PS Aren't you just done with feeling exhausted, with struggling through your days, with going home every single day, no matter how hard you work, how many hours you work, what you achieve feeling like you could have done, should have done, needed to do MORE??

You're a high flier, an achiever, a driving force, a type A perfectionist who has risen rapidly through the ranks because you just get it, it makes sense, you put the hours in and get it done.

But recently it feels like you've stalled.  You're not seeing progress, you're not happy, you feel like you're losing control and you don't know what to do.  What you've done isn't working any more and you've begun to wonder in the wee hours of the morning whether really, honestly, is this IT?  

Before you quit your job, retrain, go back to uni, sell your house and move to Bali consider this: nothing changes until you do.  You can give up, move away, start again but this isn't the first time you've felt this way and you know it will follow you wherever you go.

The key to ending the overwhelm, beating the burnout, eradicating exhaustion is to change the way you work.

Right now I am calling in 3 new clients who are ready to do the work and make the changes needed to create a sustainable and inspiring career instead of one that's slowly stalling.

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Isn't it time you learned to love your life and career again?