So what do you have in common with a race car?

Not a lot you might think.  Except...

This car is drifting.  Drifting is a manoeuvre that involves kicking out the back end of the vehicle and keeping control whilst essentially travelling sideways, against the intended motion of the vehicle.

Everything in the vehicle wants you to stop doing it, to drive in a straight line as the wheels intended.  At the same time the forces on the vehicle are pushing for you to spin out; you're requiring the back end and front end of the car to work in an opposing manner and the forces want you to spin around the centre point until you stop.

Yet there the vehicle is, travelling at a diagonal to the otherwise-intended path.

Beginning to sound familiar?

The intensely opposing forces all centring on the middle of the vehicle, centring on you, and the desperate, delicate dance that keeps you travelling in a somewhat-forward momentum, not along the path you intended but within sight of it, all whilst you feeling increasingly close to spinning out of control at any given moment.

If you've ever had the momentum of sitting at your desk whilst everyone around you seems to require your immediate and undivided attention all at once and all you've wanted to do it slide under the desk, pull the chair in behind you and hide where no-one can see you, this moment of touching the accelerator whilst trying not to spin out of control is all-too close.

(Side-note: I know someone who did that once.  Couldn't ever figure out if I felt sympathy or admiration)

But what about the forces on the parts of the vehicle?  Isn't drifting quite literally the moment when the wheels fall off?

I recently heard someone say that they drift cars to test the tyres not at before the limit or on the limit, as in car racing, but completely over the limit.

Completely over the limit.

Beyond all reasonable expectations of performance.

Does that sound familiar?

If so, this is where you and that poor car differ.  Drifting tests the outer limit of performance and no one expects that vehicle to keep going, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the rest of it's life.

If so, it would be a spectacularly short life with an explosive ending.

So why do you expect more of yourself and of your body than of a high-performance vehicle that was specifically designed for this?

Finally, it takes immense skill to be able to pull a drift of at all, never mind for any length of time or with any kind of grace.  Whilst some will have more natural talent, it takes thousands of hours of skills practice to get to that level.

So maybe, just maybe, it's time to cut yourself some slack and stop slamming yourself sideways and 60mph?