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Learning to leap

I've never thought I was much of a risk taker. Goody two shoes, never even had a detention, always on the right side of the rules; just this week someone accused me of being no fun at parties because I have a working knowledge of GDPR and what is and isn't permissible (and care).

But what I have learned is that I am a genius at taking calculated risks.

At taking the leap that others simply are unable to.

It's how I studied to become a barrister when no-one in my family had been to university.

It's how I qualified as a solicitor, through a loop hole, at the last minute, persuading people to help make it happen.

It's what allowed me to walk away years later, and create a new life and career.

My belief in the payoff of the calculated risk is as unshakeable as my belief in the world being round or that we are spinning around the sun.

The quicker you learn to trust yourself, and take the leap through the nervousness, the faster the results come.

What do you need in order to do it?

To have the clear vision to see opportunities and openings.

The ability to trust your intuition, your gut, your ability to read the situation.

Confidence in yourself and in the people around you to catch you if you fall.

The mindfulness to manage the monkey mind, the what if's and the fear.

What prompted all of this?

I bought a new laptop today. I knew that I needed one and that there are so many things I've been putting off doing on my website because my MacBook was dying a death.

So, I went out and I decided.

I definitely didn't have the cash ready.

I had a vague-ish idea of what I might buy.

I went in to it open to options, I did my reconnaissance... but there was this one that I kept coming back to.

Wasn't logical, wasn't the most economic choice... but I wanted it.

I sought a bit of advice and support... but the decision was mine and I was out of that store in under 20 minutes.

At the checkout, I started giggling. I realised just how often I do this now....

No fuss.

No worry.

Just leap.

Want to stop struggling and feeling stuck? You're going to have to do something new, different and involving a leap. You might just end up leaping with me ;-)

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