This isn’t necessarily one of those deeply inspirational blogs, but it’s written out of pure transparency.

I like to call myself a former burnout queen but the truth is, I’m further down that burnout scale than I would love right now. For the past year nearly I’ve been working 40-60 hour weeks again, never really switching off and that’s shown.

I’ve gotten ill, frequently.

Some of my old burnout symptoms are showing up (regular tension headaches/migraines, back pain, insomnia flare ups, low mood/depression).

Here’s what I know.

I’m not performing at my best when I’m burning out. My ideas don’t flow. I get stuck in negative thought patterns and behaviours. Maybe you can relate? ;-)

So, in the name of transparency I’m sharing what I’m doing week to week to take better care of my physical and mental health. This is part of my toolkit and I’m sharing it with you openly and honestly. I’m only going to share items I know and love.

Also in the name of transparency, many of the links below are affiliate links and mean that I will receive commission for any purchases you make. It doesn’t cost you anything to use them, but if you would prefer not to, just hover over the link and copy and paste in to your browser, rather than directly clicking on it.

Please ensure you consult your GP before taking any medication!

sleeping cat.jpg

Oh the insomnia….

to sleep perchance to dream? I wish…

Many of you know that I’ve struggled with insomnia for most of my life. Now, I can fall asleep anywhere, but staying asleep and waking up refreshed? Whole other ballgame. Hell, I’ve even spoken on Radio 5 Live about insomnia as part of a panel (please remind me to actually upload my media appearances within the next month?!)

So, being recommended magnesium oil by American and Australian friends was an absolute dream. It’s a little known secret over here, but magnesium oil applied to the soles of my feet before bed helps me not only sleep through the night, but sleep more deeply and wake up refreshed. I’ve been recommending this to clients for years! My personal favourite is the BetterYou Goodnight Sleep Spray because it also contains essential oils conducive to a good night’s sleep

Just be warned; if you’re magnesium deficient (which according to this and a number of articles I’ve read, the majority of us are) then it can sting or itch to apply the oil. That’s why I apply it to the soles of my feet only!

Other ways of upping your magnesium without applying an oil to your feet include bathing in Epsom salts. Now, you can grab these in Boots and other places, but I buy them by the bucket load. Literally

I ordered another of these 5kg tubs late last week and it should be arriving in the next day or two; it’s maybe my third in the last year. What it means is that I can apply these salts liberally; usually two cupped handfuls or more per bath.

Epsom salts will also help prevent soreness and cramping after workouts, but more importantly (for me at least) soaking in a bath of Epsom salts is meant to help with stress levels. Whether it’s because of the salt and magnesium content, the hot water, or whether it’s because I add a blend of rosemary and clary sage essential oils to my bath, it’s one of the most relaxing rituals in my repertoire (remember to always mix your essential oils in a carrier base oil before mixing in to your bath; whilst olive or coconut oil are fine if you don’t have anything in sweet almond oil is my favourite!)

The newest part of my sleep routine is a disposable heated eye mask. These use iron filings that heat up in contact with the air and last for around 15-20 minutes. I’m not a huge fan of anything disposable but the alternative a USB-cabled version and I’d rather not strangle myself in my sleep!

I originally used a Spacemask when it arrived in my Birchbox a few months back, but it’s a small company that produces them and they’re currently sold out, so I’m adding these Optrex lavender masks to my routine.

Let me know if you pick up any new tricks from me, or let me know your favourite sleep hack (ugh… like we need to hack sleep, but you know…)