'How do you deal with burnout when you're still working?'

Really interestingly someone has just raised this in a comment on one of my posts. I was slightly appalled I hadn't shared this more regularly!

This is what I said in response

'You’ll notice there was an overlap between founding Searching for Serenity in 2016 and leaving law in 2017. That’s because, for all the difficult, speechless, I’m too tired for this sh... moments, I loved law. It was all I wanted to do from the time I was 9 years old.

I also wanted to be completely clear in myself that I wasn’t running away and offering unsustainable solutions, preaching from the mountaintop with no practical experience.

I first started researching burnout in 2014, started working with a mentor to build a business in January 2016, launched Searching for Serenity as we know it today in June 2016 and walked the talk for well over a year - managing my own burnout issues whilst working ridiculous hours as a Court of Protection lawyer, launching a start up business in evenings and weekends and left my last legal job in May 2017.

So don’t ever think it’s burnout or career.

It’s both.

At once.

Making tiny changes as you go.

In conclusion: everything I share is for people currently in work. Because I did it myself.