This is my love note to you.

This year has been a tumultuous one for most of the world.  Political shifts, the death of so many beloved people, a sense that we are heading into new and unknown territory.

On the home front, I can guarantee that there have been tough times for you too my lovely.  Moments you thought might break you, situations that had you thinking 'is this really it?  Is this all?'.

We each have our moments of believing that nothing will ever be the same again, that nothing will ever work.  The moments where we are so, so close to throwing up our hands and admitting defeat.  To crawling in to bed, pulling the covers over our head and thinking 'let the world go fuck itself, I'm done'.

Do you know how I know that you're going to be ok?

Because you're still here.  You didn't give in, give up, admit defeat, throw caution to the wind.

You got up again the next morning and kept going.  A little quieter, a little more careful, a little broken even, but there you were.

Good girls don't give up.

Over time I have had people tell me I talk too much, am too loud, swear too much.  I have had people tell me I should expect less, lower my sights, get on with the job and not complain.

And to those I say, not fucking likely.

I know that I was meant for more than simply making do, that I have talents and gifts that can be used to help others, to make the world a better place, to make the world a less scary place.

I am looking at you because I know that there's a little spark inside of you that feels the same way.

Oh you've tried to push it away, tried to hide it, tried to reason with it and say that you're not special, that you can't do it.

Not fucking likely, love.

So when you are exhausted, on your knees and ready to collapse, to give in, to give up, to crawl into bed and pull the covers over your head, stop for a moment.

Before you do that, talk to someone.  

Talk to me, talk to your sister, your best friend, your peers in the Serenity Searchers Private Members Club.

Because there is strength in other people showing you what you already know; that you can keep going, that there is more, that you are exactly where you need to be.

And if you decide that you need to do something about it, to draw strength, to regroup and relearn and seek help in forging a path forward, let it be for love.

For the love of your family.

For the love of the people you can help.

For the love of being the pebble in the pond, knowing that this one step, this one decision will have rippled and repercussions and returns.

But most importantly, for the love of yourself.

You have a singular, inimitable light to shine on the world.  You will bring joy, strength, education, wisdom, support to hundreds, if not thousands, of people in your life.

Your partner, your children, your family, your friends, the rippled go on and on.

But that light cannot shine at its greatest, at its brightest, until you are filled with love.

Whether you are fearful, or scared, or worried or doubtful or overwhelmed.  


And let it be for love.