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I'm a huge Brooklyn 99 fan and have been waiting for the latest season to launch on Netflix so we can binge-watch it in one weekend.

I had no idea that Stephanie Beatriz and Melissa Fumero had directed episodes this season, and so when I fell across this article I was so pleased.

But there are so many things in here that hit right home for me.

'Am I allowed?' 'I don't want to ruffle any feathers'

In all the conversations I've had this week, the people who are struggling most are the ones waiting for permission, hoping for a solution not of their own making.

We do things the ways that we've always done then and, when that no longer works, we continue to do them the same way and sink.


Because there's safety in the way things were always done, even if it no longer works. It takes serious courage to look at a situation with new eyes and ask 'how could it be done differently, how do I get to do it differently?'

Whether that's applying for a promotion or setting up a business or simply knowing that you can't keep going the way that you're going, it takes work, it takes courage and it takes self belief.

Over the past 3 months Searching for Serenity has exploded (in the good way!). Doors have opened that would never have even appeared before, but I want to be clear. None of that happened because some witch/fairy descended in a bubble with a wand and said 'here, you're ready, go do it'.

That's not to say i did it alone. I have had huge help along the way; from the friend who swung me a ticket to the women in law summit in May, to people who have faith in my abilities as a speaker and want to collaborate, to the companies and individuals who reach out or are receptive to my 'hey, what are you doing about employee burnout' challenges.

We need mentors, to help shape our paths, we need colleagues and contacts who will help shove those doors open a little wider.

But we have to be open to the concept, aware of it, actively engaging with it. You've got to step up and select those options.

And that's the biggest issue I see with burnout and imposter syndrome right now - that there are so many people struggling who sit and say 'but who am I to ask for more? It's just me struggling and no-one else will understand. I don't deserve more'.

If you don't know how to get there, then someone else around you will.

That's my superpower, by the way. I sit with you and I help you explore the options, make informed choices, give support and guidance where it's something I've experienced or have knowledge of. But the biggest thing I do is give you permission.

Just like other female actors of colour are looking at Stephanie Beatriz and Melissa Fumero and saying 'because they did, maybe I can too'. I'm the woman that made it work.

If I could do it, you can too.

PS this weekend will see the launch of the Burnout Breakthrough Intensive. If you have ever wanted to work with me 1:1 (or have worked with me 1:1 before and would like a top up) this is going to be an absolute no-brainer for you to join.

5 weeks working with me 1:1, with group training to back you up too. My aim is to help you beat silly season and take advantage of the slightly slower August vibeto get on top of your to do list, smash through the blocks that keep getting you backto burnout and get clear on why you struggle, why you deserve not to and how to make that happen for you.

Not much for a month's work hey ;-)

There is going to be a fast action taker bonus so if you want all the details as soon as they're ready, drop me a message now!