beat burnout and build your resilience

create a life you love with a career that works for you


It's exhausting isn't it?

Keeping on top of the to-do list, the never-ending targets, trying to balance on top of it all whilst secretly, inside, all you want to do is walk to the toilets, lock yourself in a cubicle and cry because you're so exhausted.

You're strung out on caffeine, sugar, crappy food that you know is no good for you, but you don't have the energy for anything else.  Your body aches but your soul, your spirit feels like it's being crushed with every single day that you push.

And oh god do you push.

You push, you drive yourself, you're compelled to do more.  

You are convinced that you have to do more just to keep your boss from realising that you're a fraud, an imposter who smiles and acts like she can do the job, all the while waiting for someone to tap you on the shoulder and tell you you're in the wrong place.

Not that you can't do your job.

No, you are fucking amazing at your job.  You wouldn't say that out loud, but you know that you are damn good.

You're pretty sure that's why everyone else turns to you for support, for guidance, for help.  And you just can't say no.

In a noisy room full of people you feel lost and overwhelmed.  It's difficult to keep all those voices, all that energy, out.

So when someone is in trouble, struggling, you feel compelled to help them, to do the right thing.

Even though you are struggling even more than they are and you haven't told a soul.

Some days go really well, and you leave feel exultant, almost giddy with joy.  But when the bad days come, someone reached in and crushed your heart and soul.  

On the good days you know it's all going well because you're lucky, you have good people around you, your clients or students behaved today.

On the bad days it is All. Your. Fault.  You always knew you were shit at your job, that you couldn't do this, you couldn't keep it going for long.  That you'd be found out.  You take it so personally because it is personal.  It's your career and you've worked so hard for so long to do this, to make this happen.  

And sometimes.  Sometimes on the really bad days, at 4am when your mind is racing and you're frantic with worry this dark voice creeps in 'how am I going to do this for another 30 years?'.


Lovely, I am here to tell you that you are not alone.


My name is Leah and I am your burnout and resilience mentor.

If you have read my story then you know that I spent more than a decade pushing myself to the edge in my career and life, working exceptionally long hours in an emotionally draining career, never stopping, never slowing down and feeling like a failure from sun up to sun down.  

My negative inner voice was on a continual loop 'if only I was smarter/quicker/more sympathetic/had control of my life/thinner'.

Then, one day, I suffered a loss so devastating that I could no longer keep going.  The long hours, emotionally draining work, all fell by the wayside whilst I desperately tried to keep going.  

It had taken all of my energy to keep going day by day; even then I had felt like I was falling.  I slowly came to realise that I had been punishing myself with my overwork and exhaustion and it made dealing with Real Life impossible.

But that wasn't the end of my career.

I spent a long time getting well, re-evaluating my life and career choices and recreating my world from the ground up.  

Now my mission is to help you to make those changes,

before you reach the limit of what your body and mind can take.


I am here to show you that life does not have to be one long rollercoaster.

That you can have the career you have spent your life working for without giving your life for it.

That exhaustion, overwhelm, anxiety, burnout do not have to be the key words of the working woman.

What will we cover?

Working with me 1:1 is an experience bespoke to you.  Before our first session together you will receive a full welcome pack for you to complete; this will help you identify the areas that you desire to focus on, that will bring you the biggest reward or currently cause you the biggest pain.  This journey is completely personal and entirely tailored to you, but these are some of the topics that we may cover in our time together


You and your path to success

  • Identifying your key values and what motivates you to succeed;
  • Discovering your pain points and what demotivates you;
  • Focusing on inner confidence;
  • How to objectively assess your abilities and find evidence for your success;
  • Quieting the negative inner voice and replacing it entirely;
  • How letting go of the outcome will bring you peace;

You and the world of work

  • Learn how self-worth and external events affect your inner confidence;
  • Letting go of imposter syndrome; 
  • Recognising the characters around you and the roles you play;
  • Rewriting your instinctive submissive responses and replacing them confidence;
  • Recognising stress in all forms;
  • Learning the number one tool to identifying your emotional response, managing it and letting it work for you;
  • How to handle difficult people in the workplace;
  • Managing the unmanageable and unspeakable - difficult conversations without the difficulty;
  • The number one time management tool (as voted by my community!);
  • Easy ways to regain the upper hand and manage your inner monkey-mind during difficult days;
  • How one simple posture change can alter the way you see the world and the way the world sees you;

Your mind, body and soul

  • Learn why a little big of bragging is good for you;
  • Linking your body and mind to eradicate stress;
  • Eliminating exhaustion day by day;
  • The best way to ensure a good night's sleep every night;
  • Leaving work behind and enjoying your free time - instead of spending it in penance;
  • Why self-care means more than bubble baths - and what it truly means for the burnout queen;
  • How the negative inner voice is nothing more than a figment of your imagination - and how to end her for good;
  • The perfect morning routine to ensure you achieve an amazing time;
  • Evening routine and the brain dump;
  • Scheduling fun and play - and why this is mandatory for your career longevity;


This journey is for you if...

You are ready to let go of being exhausted every single day and make a big change in your life without exhausting yourself in the process.  

You know that you can have a huge impact on this world, but you feel like you're swimming through treacle trying to get there.  

You give so much to your clients, colleagues, friends and loved ones that you feel that there's nothing left for you - and you really need support.  

You have spent so long complaining about the same exhaustion, overwhelm, to do list and problems that even you are sick of hearing about it.  

You don't feel that your friends and loved ones really 'get it' or they try and tell you how to sort it all out (as if it's that bloody easy!).  

You have found yourself googling physical symptoms or visited your GP only to be told you're doing too much or there's nothing wrong with you.  

In the very darkest hours of the night you have considered quitting your job, or running away altogether, because this isn't the way life was supposed to be.  

You've felt like your career is simply slipping away from you.  

You wonder how everyone else copes with life when it's so damn difficult for you to keep going.  


This isn't for you if...

You are too scared or proud to ask for help and think that only weak people need help and support.

You aren't prepared to try new ways of working even if you know that your current ways just aren't doing it any more.

You are happy spending 90+ hours a week at work, living off fast food and diet coke and think crying in the toilets in exhaustion in completely normal

You have already decided that it's time to walk away from your career and have planned your escape (that's the same as playing the lottery, right?)

You are completely in control in every situation, have never felt overwhelmed or tired and secretly you might just be a cyborg...



Don't just take my word for it though... check out the feedback from my clients and community


My initial investment of time has already been returned to me tenfold.
I just wanted to say thanks again, I’ve put a lot of stuff into perspective, thank you so much xx
As someone who struggles to be vulnerable with people I found your friendly but professional manner put me instantly at ease and within minutes of meeting you I knew I had finally met someone who really knows what it is like to fight to have it all and burn out in the process.
I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone who is struggling with burnout, near burnout or feeling exhausted by juggling the demands that they and others place on their time and energy

Watch my interview with my 1:1 client Em, after 4 months of working with me (I am SO proud of her transformation!)

Before we go any further I want to ask you something

Are you ready to change the story?

Do you want to be supported, cared for and know that someone has your back every step of the way?

Imagine your life without stress, overwhelm and exhaustion

Where would you be?  How would your day to day life be different to how you're living today?

How would you feel?

Are you ready to live that life?



Your investment

My flagship course will take you from a place of stress, overwhelm and exhaustion to energy, happiness, ease and strength.

This takes time.   You didn't work yourself into the ground overnight and it will take time to learn the new habits you need to support yourself, replenish your energy and help you take the leap forward.

Hold on - because that's ok!  On average it takes 66 days to establish a new habit so that it becomes automatic.

Remember the last time your employers sent you on a course?

You went along reluctantly and hoovered up the coffee and pastries though the free breakfast.  Part way through the day you had a breakthrough moment and started writing notes on cases or clients or things to do.

You went back to work the following day, you made a note to look at those files and you put the course notes on your shelf.

And they sat there.

You barely looked at them again until it was time to clear some room on the shelf or leave for a new job.

This is different.

No one is making you do this.  This is your choice.

You are taking this step because you want to see a big change in your life.  Because you can't stand another day feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and out of control.

That means more than taking the notes and putting them on the shelf to collect dust.

We will be working together for an hour each fortnight and I will be ready to support you by keeping you on track with email and daily messaging support, providing you with further resources and offering help and guidance whenever and wherever you need it.

But remember that in order to see effective change you have to put in the work too.


Want to talk about it?

Alternatively, send me an email at hello@searchingforserenity.co.uk or tag me in the Serenity Searchers Private Members Club.  We will talk about where you are with burnout, whether the course is right for you and whether we are a good fit to work together.  This relationship runs both ways!

I invest so much time, energy and support in my clients that I have to limit the number of women I work with.  Places are therefore by application only - email me to discuss how we can work together.

still on the fence?

I am exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed and working crazy hours - how the hell am I supposed to spend time 'beating my burnout' with you?

Hey, so you're the cynical one huh?  Don't worry, I am too.  I have a healthy scepticism of all things that require too much energy.  Chipper people also irritate me.  But that's ok, because it's the sleep deprivation and caffeine overload talking.

Week one we will get right into where you are with burnout and will spend time examining your schedule to not only build in time to work together, but to work on your health, happiness and self-care.  Give me two weeks and I will help you find pockets of time you didn't know existed and time-management techniques that will have you spinning those plates with ease and grace.


I don't want to spend time delving into my stuff, I just want quick, straightforward solutions.  Why would I spend 12 weeks on video calls with you when I can just read a self help book?

First things first, I am your burnout mentor; I am not your therapist.  My questions are limited to helping you explore the how and why of burnout.  I will not be delving in to your childhood or difficulties unless you feel that they are linked to our current work.  However I do know some amazing women that can help you develop your inner strength and clarity, find your sparkle in life or work with your multi passionate mindset.  If you want to speak to them, I'll happily send you on to talk to them.

You could read a self-help book, but I will bet you've done that already.  You've probably read a few of my emails, checked out my blog.  You've probably read Psychologies or Natural Health magazine or picked up a copy of something helpful in Waterstones or for your Kindle.

The difference between reading and implementing is huge.  Why would you take music lessons when you can just read a book about playing the piano?  Why employ a personal trainer, we all know that weight loss is about less calories in and more energy out, right?

I will lend you my toolkit but more importantly I will be there to help support you, guide you and (can we be frank?  I feel like we can be frank here) kick your ass when you need it (with love, of course).

So by all means gather as much intelligence as you can in this fight, but remember that you don't have to fight alone.  

I'm worried about investing money with you.

In the interests of total transparency, my current 1:1 rates are £1,500.  However, be one of the first three to join me in July and pay £1,100 upfront or £400/month x 3 monthly payments.  

But there's something that you need to remember... It's not about price, it's about value.

What is it worth to you to excel in your career, to hit your next promotion (and pay rise) with ease and grace rather than grinding yourself into the ground, or missing the target altogether due to ill health, stress and exhaustion?

I could price this lower but it would do both of us a disservice and would not reflect the time and investment I am making in working with you.

How much do you value a lunchtime meal deal when compared with a lengthy lunch at a beautiful restaurant?  The same theory applies with personal development.  If this was priced at £1 you would probably hit buy without worrying about it - and you wouldn't be emotionally invested enough to make any changes.  How will that help you?

If you've read my story above you'll know that I have spent more than a decade working9-5 (and then some) as a lawyer, as well as running two businesses outside of that day job.  Part of my burnout recovery was learning to value my time and it is important to me to have clear time in my diary to rest, relax and have fun.  This is something that I would love to share with you.  But my time is important to me and I will only work with a very select group of women who are ready and willing to learn, make changes and grow.

Finally, you'll also be pleased to know that I offer a payment plan for those who cannot pay the lump sum upfront.  It's spread over the 3 months we'll work together and each month is payable upfront.  Whilst you'll have a great financial saving by paying in full upfront, if this makes your cashflow easier and helps you sleep better at night, let's do it.  Please note this does not create a separate contract and the cost of the course is still payable in full.

Finally, if the finances aren't in place for you right now, you can still take my short courses - check them out here