If you have caught any of my recent live videos (all held within the private Searching for Serenity group) then you will have heard a phrase I have been using;

'It's time to be the CEO of your life, instead of the scullery maid'

What do I mean by this?

Plenty, but most importantly; to value your own time and resources, to spend more time and energy on yourself than your career, friends or family.  To no longer put yourself last and everyone else first.

And the biggest issue I see from the women I work with?

You try to DIY everything.

Why do you do this?  

Are you terrified of letting on that you don't have all the answers?  Maybe you don't feel that you can invest time and money in yourself or you feel apologetic for taking up anyone else's time.

This means that you read every magazine article, blog and guide out there for how to deal with your chronic exhaustion, feelings of overwhelm and lack of confidence and generally feeling 'is this it'?  You try and implement by yourself and hover around the sidelines of the conversation, too scared to jump in.

What does this achieve?  

This is a really effective strategy - if you want to stay small and squashed and in struggle.  And maybe, underneath it all, that is what you really want.  Perhaps you're scared to step forward into the light and the power that you know you could have.

It also means you waste time.  By doing this you are directly trading your time, your life, your precious moments with your family and friends, for money... Until you spend the money on 'treats' and 'rewards'; a takeaway here, a new outfit there.  Great short-term solutions that do exactly nothing for your feelings.

Finally, it means that you reinforce the scullery-maid perception.  The view your have of yourself, deep down inside, that you are not worth the time, money, love, care that other people are.  That you're the scullery-maid who works for everyone else's benefit, instead of the CEO who has a team around her to keep her great.

So, as 2016 draws to a close, who do you choose to start 2017 as?  The DIYer or the VIP?


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