The beauty of breakthroughs is that, looking back, it all seems so simple.

This week I spoke live in the Facebook group  about my three top time and stress management tips and the one shift to end overwhelm for good. 

(Did you miss the webinar? It's available in the Facebook group until midnight Sunday 13th November. Click here to request access.)

It became clear through the webinar that whilst you may be confident expressing that you are stressed, the actual emotions underneath the label of stress were repressed, squashed down. 

It is easy to say you feel stressed, but stress is a physiological response. It is not an emotion.

Pause for a moment and ask yourself, how do I feel in this moment. Listen to your heartbeat, to your breath and allow yourself to feel.

Whether it is fear, joy, apprehension, content, you are allowed to feel the emotions. 

But emotions can be difficult to process. They require energy and time to consider and process. 

In the high-speed, high-stress world of a corporate career, it can feel dangerous to, well, feel.

Whether you have been labelled as 'over-emotional' or 'fiery' for expressing emotion and so have backed away from who you really are, whether you numb your emotions with food or alcohol or refuse to feel because you are too tired to give the energy to your feelings and feel too vulnerable, at some point you associated emotions, and particularly emotions at work, as dangerous, something to be feared.

One member of the Searching for Serenity community expressed her fear that if she felt joy, negative consequences would follow. That if she protected herself from all emotions she would feel 'safe'.

How safe is your life if you're barely living it?

This weekend, take a moment to stop and breathe and feel the emotions bubbling within you, and to feel grateful for what they show you. 

You are in control of your life. You are the CEO of your life and career. It's time to step forward, feeling the fear and excitement and doing it anyway.