I nearly fell off my chair this morning.  It felt entirely impossible that next week we enter October.

Looking back one year this week, I was going through a huge period of change and growth.  I was walking away from my dream career, from the place that had been the backbone of 'the plan' for the best part of the previous three years.  

The year that followed has definitely been a mixed bag; although you learn most about yourself when going through a difficult period.

Of course, when you're riding a rollercoaster off earning and growth it's easy for time to fly by.

So working out that there were only 97 days left in the year was quite the shock. 

Of course, there is so much you can achieve in just under 100 days.  But key in achieving is knowing where you are headed.

If you're faced with difficult times and you're trying to keep your head above water it's easy to fall into the adrenaline rush of fight or flight, more survive than thrive.  It's only when the storm passes that you realise your previous goals have fallen by the wayside whilst you fight to keep paddling to safety.

Dramatic?  Sure.  But it's accurate.

There's no time for planning long term strategy when you're so exhausted you're falling asleep on the train home from work.

So, with less than 100 days left in 2016, what do you want to achieve?  

If you already have your goals planned then now is the time to revisit them and create your action plan for the rest of the year.

If you've been battling to keep your head above water, then with 97 days to go in the year, why not nail down those goals and create your 90 day action plan?

Research shows that publicly setting your goals and your progress to achieving them is the best strategy to ensuring those goals are achieved - why not join the Searching for Serenity Facebook group to share your goals for the remains of 2016 and ask for help to keep you on track?


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