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Over the past 24 hours I have gone in depth into my vision of the next level of Searching for Serenity and of my own life.

I talk all the time about getting clear on your goals, your motivations and inspirations, getting clear on what you want to achieve and then breaking it down to get there.  I firmly believe that a woman without a goal is at the mercy of every person around her.

Yet, there I was.  Nervous, hesitant to speak up, feeling a little bit directionless and aimless.  Knowing that there was so much more to do and yet not really knowing where to start.

I've applied my own methods to myself (as I always do, tried, tested and true experiments on my own life before they ever reach you) and started with the basics.

What my day to day life looks like.  Going back to my roots as far as work and inspiration is concerned.  Examining closely who I want to work with.

It was important for me to get clear on who I am, what I do and what inspires me most.  On who I want to work with, one where my strengths lie.

So what am I great at and how do I embrace that?

  • I have a natural ability to help people smile, laugh and feel great about themselves;
  • I read people very well; I can see beyond the facade to what is really going on, often when they don't even realise it themselves;
  • As a result I can usually, within a matter of minutes, articulate the fears, worries, doubts or desires that people haven't even been able to put into words for themselves
  • I am fantastic at energising people, giving them a loving kick up the arse as required;
  • I can take incredibly complex concepts and break them down in to simple language and action;
  • I have always managed to speak other people's language; find common ground very quickly and bring to the fore what it is that we have in common;
  • There is literally no project that is too big or scary; no matter what it is, I can break it down in to manageable action steps.
  • I give permission to other women to speak about their struggles, their worries and doubts;
  • Without fail I see the best in everyone.  I choose to reflect that back to my clients and help them to see just how wonderful other people think that they are.
  • I don't stop.  Ever.  And neither should you!

I could go on.  I could indulge in how nervous I feel right now, that other people will think that I'm being egocentric or crazy by setting out what I do and how well I do it.  However, if I can't walk the walk how can I talk the talk to my clients.

It's time to own what you are great at, focus on that, instead of beating yourself up and berating yourself day to day for perceived failures and struggles.

I encourage you to grab your notebook and to start writing out just what it is that you do well, how well you do it, where you can be proud of yourself and how you can focus on those skills to your best use and benefit, to create a life that you love every single day!

PS Did you see my announcement earlier today?  I have 2 places remaining for 1:1 clients to start work with me this week, before my 1:1 prices rise by 25% on the 1st November.  Watch this video (from 5:14 if you are short of time!)  If this s for you message me immediately - either on Facebook or by email and tell me what you most want to achieve by working together.  If we are a good fit we can get started this week!  

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