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Some days it doesn't seem to matter how successful you are, how fantastic the day before was, how proud of yourself you are, how loved, you will still wake up feeling like your skin and nerves have been rubbed all over with a brillo pad.

Everything is alarming, everything compels an overreaction, you're snappy and short and irritated and everyone everyone EVERYONE is breathing entirely too loudly.

You want to turn inward, to block out the world but even when you're on your own you can't shake the feeling.

Itchy.  Scratched.  Irritated.  Out of sorts.  Ready to snarl.

You WANT to lash out at someone, to vent this feeling in some way.  But of course you're a decent human being so you don't do it, deliberately at least.

I am not a fan of suppressing emotions or carrying them around all day, like wearing a snapping turtle on your back, waiting for it to strike someone.

Nor do you have to write off the entire day 'I'm just in a bad mood today, leave me alone and it will go away, it will be better tomorrow'.  That's just giving in to the emotion without looking at the root cause and, let's be honest, it's a total passive victim state 'oh I've woken up feeling grotty and I couldn't possible do ANYTHING about it I just have to sit it out and deal with it'

Wah wah wah.  You wouldn't say it about a broken finger, so why say it about an uncomfortable emotional state (and if you're triggered by this or think I'm wrong or frequently work long days with a bad back or terrible tension headaches and tell yourself 'I just have to deal with', get up, go to the mirror, take a long hard look at yourself and ask yourself WHY you feel the need to punish yourself and sit in misery and pain.  Seriously.  Now.)

Ask yourself the following questions:

Did I see this coming?  Have I been aware that I'm overtired, stressed or ill and not taken steps to get into action.  Why?  What action could I have taken to prevent this and what action do I COMMIT to taking next time I see this situation arising (because it will).

If it's come from the blue ask yourself 'am I concerned that things are going TOO well?  Have I hit my limit of what I think it acceptable around being happy, content, achieving and striving?'  We all have our internal thermostats set for a certain level of success, happiness, achievement and if we go beyond them, well it's tall poppy syndrome.  We strike ourselves back down in order to get to where we are comfortable.  It's why when everything has been going so well you will suddenly argue with your partner or fall down the stairs.  It's why you'll receive an unexpected sum of money such as a bonus or a small lottery win, and find yourself back into your overdraft within days and feeling frustrated at how you've spent your time and money.  So ask yourself if this is in fact your way of balancing out the books, rebalancing the good with the bad.  If so, ask yourself this 'why do I need this?  What am I afraid of?'

Finally, regardless of your answers to the questions above, ask yourself this 'what do I need, right in this moment?'.  Be careful with this one; ask yourself what you NEED, not what you need an absence of.

Time and again I will ask my clients what they need and they will tell me what they DON'T need ;I need so and so to shut up, I need my partner to stop criticising me, I need to stop waking up at 3am'.

Make the conscious choice to shift from negative to positive.  Ask yourself what you NEED, not what you need an absence of.

Finally, it is your choice.

It is your choice if you choose to wallow in your emotion, lashing out at people, feeling nothing but misery and irritation all day.  If you choose it, accept that, be conscious of it and don't blame other people or the state of the moon and stars for it.  It's not Mercury Retrograde that is causing your computer to glitch, it's you being hasty and smacking at the keys.

But if you accept, even for a moment, that our lives and our inner worlds are under our complete control I have to ask you; why would you choose this for more than a moment longer than required.

Notice how you feel.
Get curious about what it is you need.
Then take action, immediately.

You get to create your world, starting with your mood.  Choose how you most desire to feel, to get shit done, to have an amazing productivity ninja warrior goddess day and get into THAT mood immediately.

You don't have time for anything less!

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