Just to set the tone, as I write this blog I am singing my lungs out to Lady Marmalade (P!nk, Christina et al of course - if you have an Amazon Echo, ask for 'Noughties RnB' oh my god I can't stop dancing in my seat!)

This morning started early, laying in bed at 6am listening to a training.  I've already attended an hour's training, journaled, drank my first coffee and now here I am with you.

Right now I've just finished waving my arms in the air and laughing at myself as I sang Rihanna S&M VERY loud (my poor neighbours!) and then realised I had to write this blog for you right this moment.

You see, messaging every day, getting you into THIS state, THIS high vibe is a non-negotiable for me.  You deserve to feel this amazing gorgeous!

Is it easy?  Yes, and no, of course ;-)

You see, I woke up with HUGE anxiety this morning.  Massive.  Oh my god what was I thinking, I quit my job 6 months ago and I wanna I wanna I wanna.  So much going around my head.  I was pretty close to tears just before 7 because everything I desire seems SO far away and there is SO much to do and oh my god what am I even doing.

How did I flip that into arm waving, giggling and singing in less than an hour?

I focused on my non-negotiables.

Literally, journaled out 3 pages of what is non-negotiable for me every day.

I started small - it is non-negotiable that I shower every day, it is non-negotiable that I brush my teeth twice a day every day.

Yes really, that small.

What else is non-negotiable for me?  To feel amazingly high energy and happy.  To work out, even if that is a 30 minute walk.  To play with and walk Jasper-dog.  To have a little time to myself no matter what else is going on.

Does that sound over ambitious and crazy?  It's really really not.

By focusing on what's truly important to me, I get to bring everything down from the big picture oh my god how am I even going to, this is so much, who am I to even try to do that to simple..small.... daily action.

Brush my teeth.
Message and connect with my clients.
Feel happy.
And yes, dance and sing (it's Single Ladies by Beyonce right now, I defy you not to smile!!).

Everything else is a non-priority.  It comes after, if at all.  

It's simply maths; focus on the things that give you the biggest returns and you will GET the biggest returns.

Not a single thing thing on that 3 page list was a 'wish I could' or 'I should' or 'it would be nice to'.

Focus on your non-negotiables and everything else becomes a non-priority.

Right now, grab your journal, your notes screen and write out 10 things that are total daily non-negotiable for you.  Focus on them.  Nothing else.  Feel amazing.  End of :-)

Oh and if you think that's ok for me but not you because you have obligations, work, family and partner and child and STUFF that you really don't want to be doing ask yourself this; why am I making myself do this?

You get to have a career you adore.
You get to have a life that feels exciting to wake up to every day.
You get to choose and choose again.

What is non-negotiable for you?

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Being a resilient person, infusing strategies and tools in to my every day is a total non-negotiable for me.

I NEED to be resilient, because I have so many people who need me, rely on me, need me to bounce back - and I'm pretty sure it's exactly the same for you too.

Our lives run at 100mph and you don't have time for regular breakdowns, illness and dramas.

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