It is way too easy to get sucked in to a full-scale sulk, particularly after not feeling well. I might have been sliding in to one of them this afternoon; still feeling a bit tired after being down with a virus for the last couple of days but staring wild eyed at my to do list and everything that’s taken a slide in the last couple of weeks of madness (parents, you’re not alone in the summer-strife).

Sometimes everything conspired all at once and there are things on my to do list that I swear I only put there on Friday but have somehow been outstanding for weeks! Huh?

And then, I fell across this picture.

These are all gifts from clients, given to me at our last in-person workshop day a few months back (there was more to the pile but we all knew a Reese’s peanut butter egg was never going to last long in my house).

I would walk over broken glass for my clients. Not least because they all now have a habit of buying me sparkly socks to do it in.

This image reminds me exactly why I do what I do; why I share fearlessly and with radical candour, why I keep swinging the bat at creating courses and tackling difficult topics, why I talk incessantly about boundaries and resilience and what it takes to be HAPPY.

It’s so important to me to keep showing up, to keep trying out new techniques and resources, to keep sharing and giving people options.

I know that many people think I’ve shot myself in the (sparkly clad) foot by making my prices so damned low, by sharing so much freely.

But here’s why I do it.

It may be today, tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. At some point you’re going to realise that what you’re doing just isn’t working, that you need a little help and support. And when you do, I’m going to be here and I don’t require you to sell a kidney in order to do it.

I’m growing one of the most tight-knit, supportive, caring and fantastic communities out there, filled with people from all professional walks of life, from all around the world, who have one single aim.

To feel better today than they did yesterday.

Some people get exactly what they need and leave again.
Some people refer their friends on to me when they need help.
Others know that more important than any technique is simply being in the energy and environment of someone who keeps taking that next step up, to inspire and motivate them.
And some of those people gift me sparkly socks, gin, unicorn shower gel, my name in lights, unicorn sparkly socks and frog pens (can you guess why? I knew immediately with the pen).

What you need to do know is that I’m not your regular trouser suit and blazer, talking from a powerpoint trainer, if you hadn’t guessed that already.

I work with you, not talking at you, and everything I do is adapted around the people that I’m with.

Sometimes I swear, sometimes I jump up and down whilst I’m making my point, sometimes I will sit with you in absolute stillness as you cry.

It took me a good while into running my business to shake off the shackles of what other people did and to do what was right for me and my community. The good-girl conditioning is strong in this one!

That’s why you can access a massive vault of free resources (I don’t know anyone else who does this the way I do).
That’s why you can access bundles of tools, resources and home study courses from as little as £7
And that’s why, when I hold an in-person workshop day, it isn’t your normal ‘squeeze as many as possible in a hotel conference room and give them bad coffee’ event.

On Sunday October 13th I’m holding a Serenity Social event; an in-person workshop training focused on how to build resilience to be truly happy. When was the last time your employers sent you on that kind of training?

We aren’t in a hotel conference room, in fact we are hanging out at the most beautiful Alice in Wonderland style venue, just 3 minutes walk from Birmingham New Street station.

This isn’t a ‘bring your own sandwiches and fill up on burned coffee’ kind of event. This is an all inclusive, luxe tea and coffee, full afternoon tea (or perhaps we’ll go for lunch instead, their menu is tempting) kind of an affair. And I will be heading to the bar for a quick drink when we finish at 5 and you’re welcome to join me.

I also keep numbers strictly limited so that there is time for 1:1 support for everyone. It’s a beautiful private room and I’m holding it for a maximum of £15 people.

Oh, and because I cut a fan-bloody-tastic deal with the venue, you can join me for less than you will have ever paid before for an event like this (ex-lawyer negotiation skills never leave you)

Reserve your place at the Serenity Social 13th October in central Birmingham and you’ll pay only £15 today, followed by two further payments of £15 in September and October. That’s it. No extra cost for paying by installments, but the price rises on 1st September and again on 1st October, so you’d be best to reserve your place now.

It’s important you know that you are worth this. You are worth a single day to spend in a beautiful location with people who will support you. You are worth a day away from the normal, letting yourself imagine just what could be. You deserve a day filled with fun, shenanigans, beautiful food and drink and care.

You deserve to care for yourself. So pull your sparkly socks up and get to it. We’ve got work to do here!

Reserve your place at October’s Serenity Social in central Birmingham for just £15 and get ready. Sparkly gifts optional of course.