Let's get right down to it because I have just about had enough of this.

Maybe I should have told you this before, maybe it's my fault. I should have been straight with you from the beginning.

When you and I met it was in a moment of vulnerability.

I extended my hand and explained that you didn't have to feel this tired, this run down, this shit about yourself all the time. That you didn't have to hide at the loos in work in tears because you felt like a failure.

You saw that moment of vulnerability and raised it with your own. You put your faith in me and decided to ask for more.

You've been with me for quite some time now and I've got to ask, where the fuck are you?

Because it isn't here.

It isn't showing up every day.
It isn't doing the work
It isn't reaching for more.

Did you really think that signing up for a daily email you very rarely open was enough? Did you think that there was some magic pill that you could take that would make everything better, make you feel amazing, without doing a single thing yourself?

Don't be ashamed, I felt exactly the same way. For months I sat in the toilets at work googling 'burnout' and stuffing tissues in to my eyes so no one would know that I had been crying.

Spoiler alert, they did. They also thought I had a fucking stinky attitude on the days they didn't realise. Either way, I was deep in self-sabotage.

Because that's what we're talking about here.


Sabotaging your health, your happiness, your relationship, your career prospects.

You didn't get where you are today without a shit-tonne of hard work and I'm here to tell you that it doesn't stop now.

Don't tell me you don't have the energy, the money, the time.

Those are all resources.
You can gather resources, create more.
You're a creative, driven woman and nothing stops you when you really want it.


You wanted this feeling to go away, the way you view yourself and the world to change and then you got scared.

I know that what I'm saying makes sense to you because otherwise, I wouldn't be here, in your inbox, again.

I'm showing up for you, every single damn day.

I'm in the Private Members Club to help you.
I'm talking to you on the Searching for Serenity public page.
I have extended my hand to you time and time again.
Blog articles.
Paid programmes.
The offer to work together 1 to 1.
In person retreat days.

I'm doing this because I love this and I love you more than you know.

I don't want to see you stumbling around like a zombie any more than you do.

I want to see you change more because I know how amazing it feels on this side of the fence.

Only yesterday one of my high end clients said how sad she felt, looking around her at all these people sleep walking through their lives. That they had it all wrong and didn't know how great life could be.

That she used to be that way.

I think you and I both know what changed.

So, it's time to stop wasting both your time and mine.

Stop hiding. Stop running. Stop pretending it's ok.

It's time to do the work.

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