It's time to stop believing in fairy tales.

How often have you sat there, scrolling through your phone, waiting for something to entertain you or amuse you, or for someone to message you?

How often have you thought 'once this happens I'll be happy/less stressed/more balanced' or 'one that happens I'll be able to do this....'

Once it's not so busy at work I'll be able to take a break and spend more time with my family.

Once I'm not so tired I'll book that holiday that really excites me.

One day, when I don't have so much to do, I'll write my book.

Once I've caught up with everything I have to do, I'll spend more time caring for myself, I promise.

Statements that I know you and the people around you say or think every single day. Do you know what these statements are?

Acts of passiveness.
Excuses not to take action.

Replace each of these sentences with 'when I win the lottery' and you see how ludicrous they are.

But love, you tell yourself every single day that these things must happen to you before you can be happy, healthy, spend time with the people you love, do the things that really, truly matter to you.

You've made yourself the princess of your very own fairy tale, Snow White trapped in her glass coffin.

By bargaining with yourself that you'll do that really valuable thing once the universe cuts you a break, you've made yourself as helpless as the princess who pricked her finger.

One day my prince will come and I can be happy then.

Not now.


When you make yourself a passive player in your own life then sure, you remove the risk. The risk that you might spendtiem wit your family and argue, or that you write your book and you're not the next JK Rowling.

But let's be honest here for a moment.

You're making yourself in to the victim, too.

And if you want to pity yourself that your life is so busy, that there's so much to do, that bad things always happen to you then that is your choice, you go ahead.

Don't be surprised when life keeps staying busy, when you keep finding that bad things are happening to you.

You gave up responsibility for your life and threw yourself to the fates, with a fatalistic attitude to match.

What did you expect?

I get it. This world is fucking tough as hell and you're so exhausted, so beaten down, so sick of struggling time and time again.

But gorgeous, you haven't chosen to wake up and get up out of your glass coffin yet.

It's time to make yourself the hero of your own story, instead of the princess in the fairy tale waiting to be rescued.

Yes, you have to get up, grab life by the balls and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Nothing happens unless you make it happen.

So stop taking a passive position and let's make your life exactly the way you want it, on your terms.

Life really is too short.

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