Touching a nerve... aka why some people thing I'm a bitch.

Well ouch.

I sent a pretty direct email yesterday and, well if what I received wasn't quite a torrent of abuse, it was approaching it.

I'm too aggressive, too pushy, not as caring as they thought I was.

I'm ok with being told this.

I'm a redheaded, qualified lawyer, type A personality. I know I'm not for everyone but...

Can I be honest with you?

I'm not pushing you because I'm a selfish bitch (although a few people yesterday seemed to think that I was!)

I push you because I care.

Because I do not want you to go through this by yourself and sometimes, you need a jolt to make you realise that this isn't the way that it has to be.

I mean, fuck, I waited until my mother had died, my life was a mess and I was sat on the floor of my lounge sobbing my heart out before I decided that this shit had to change.

You deserve so much better than that. I never want anyone else to go through that.

You can choose to change the stress and drama. You can do it with support.

But it has to be your choice.

So if I push you out of your comfort zone, make you feel uncomfortable, then good!

It means that you know you can do better.

And that you're ready to make a change.

Take care of yourself

Searching for Serenity

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