How many times today have you thought 'I can't do that' or 'I wish I could do that' and felt disappointed in yourself or your life?

Fixed thinking - of who you are, of what is your place in the world or what you can achieve, is a survival habit we all slip into from time to time, but this limited thinking does not support you.

It instead keeps you limited, keeps you stuck in the place that has been making you so unhappy.

So what if, for a moment, an hour, a day, you stopped saying no and instead said yes to yourself.

Yes to the simple pleasure of a moment of rest, of putting yourself before the chores or believing in yourself and your absolute, unlimited potential.

I am so proud to see the women of this community beginning to step forward and think of themselves and their needs before those of their careers, their bosses, their partners or children.

From my private clients, who immediately open their eyes to new potentials when they invest time and money in themselves, to the members of this community who have emailed to say that they have taken time for themselves, have returned to hobbies that they left behind years ago, that they have quit jobs that were killing them or launched businesses to give them more freedom, they have stopped working 70+ hour weeks or over-identifying with work and results, that they feel fun and light and they they are enjoying themselves for the first time in months if not years.

Seems too selfish?

When their children love no longer seeng their mum cry, partners who offer support and love no matter what they decide to do... think of the joy you feel as a pebble in a pond, rippling out to the people around you.

Need permission?

I'm telling you to do it!

So, tell me, what will you do to say yes to yourself today?