Last night I went live in the Serenity Searchers Private Members Club to answer questions about the Burnout Mastermind Workshop series and about burnout more generally.

I got a little sidetracked part way through addressing an issue that has been coming up repeatedly over the past couple of weeks; the concept that you don't think that you are important/worth spending time and money on/ have no influence.

I eventually had enough of this concept and went in to some detail about it (please note you need to request to join the Private Members Club in order to view the video - membership is of course completely free and it's an awesome space to ask for support, so why wouldnt you?)

The crux of it comes down to this though: you have no idea just how far your sphere of influence extends.  When you're positive and happy and helping others it doesn't just extend to your partner, your children, your immediate family and friends - it goes so far beyond that.

When you make a friend smile and cheer up their day you affect their entire sphere of influence - and like dominos falling it extends out and out...

What about all the people whose lives you have touched in the past, who are affected by you, positively or negatively, and all the people whose lives will intersect with yours over the course of your life.  You may not always believe it but you are still young and have a long life to live (just me?) - think how many tens of thousands of people whose lives you will touch over the next forty years, the family members not yet born, extending out and out and out....

Then zoom in, right back in on you, like a spider in the middle of the web.  

It all comes back to you.

Every time you think I'm not important, or what I do doesn't matter, mentally zoom out.

Think of the person serving you coffee three weeks from now and how much it will improve their day when you smile and meet their eyes rather than snapping as you snatch your coffee.

It's a Sliding Doors moment for sure - but don't ever tell me that your life doesn't have meaning, purpose, influence, outcomes.

So my question to you today is - what will you do to effect a positive change out into your sphere of influence?

You are not nearly so much a victim of fate as you might think!

Take care of yourself


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