You might have noticed that I'm not very good at following rules. Do you have the same rebellious streak?

Oh don't get me wrong, I'm a good girl. I'm a lawyer for god's sake. I have a huge amount of respect for the rules that apply.

Except... every so often I just want to say screw the rules.

Like when I kept working 20+ hours a week all the way through my A Levels to support my mum in our single-parent household, despite being told I was 'bound' to fail everything because I was too 'lazy' to study...

Like the time I got a passport for the first time in my life and travelled solo to Italy....

Like when I went public with my jewellery business and stuck my head above the parapet even though it wasn't what 'normal' lawyers did...

Like when I said a big 'fuck you' to being exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed, depressed as a result of working too hard for too long and founded a movement to support other professional women who were struggling just like I had (and aren't you glad I did?)

You'll notice that I said movement. Not business.

To me, Searching for Serenity is both.

So, for me, this isn't just about the money. I'm too close to where I came from to be able to look you in the eye and say 'no money, no value'.

When I started learning all about business I was told 'charge premium prices', 'no one will value you if you charge low end' 'only give away a taster of what they can achieve if they pay, make them need it and find a way'.

There are coaches and mentors out there who will tell you that you don't want it enough, you're not good enough, unless you're prepared to put yourself in a financially risky position in order to pay for their services - take out a loan, put it on a credit card...

I'm sorry, but I'm not prepared to do that.

I am here to show you that there is a better way than running on adrenaline and fear throughout your career - so how the hell can I do that if working with me for a better life puts you in a financially risky position? If we're going to replace one fear with another?

No, bollocks to that. I'm not following their rules.

So I'm doing something they told me not to do.

I'm offering you my favourite three distance learning courses - Eliminating Exhaustion, the Crash Course to Boosting Your Confidence at Work and Dealing with Difficult Conversations and Colleagues.

And I'm offering them to you on a 'pay what you can' basis.

Want to know more about the courses?Www.searchingforserenity.co.uk/programmes

These are the courses that every single one of my private 1:1 clients receives. These are the starting point for working with me over 3 months. These are the courses I designed to hit the biggest issues and concerns that were communicated to me by my community.

21 days of video learning delivered right to your inbox, 10 minutes a day and three different formats to access the information, so that you can get it done no matter how busy you are.

I will also gift you my favourite starter course - Your Best Week.

What's the value?

28 days of video learning to hit your core skills, boost your confidence. These courses are worth £198 altogether and I offer the bundle for £99 - so that gives you an idea of their value.

How to access them?

Go to http://www.paypal.me/searchingforserenity . Enter the amount that you want to offer for the four courses, complete your details and hit submit.

I will collect your details and you will receive the first day of the first course this Monday morning.

Details: this is a pay what you can offer; please consider the courses and what you think their value is to you. I do reserve the right to reject any offer and return the funds to you if it is unacceptably low. Remember that you are making an offer for my hard work and learning, which has *some* value!

So, like I said, screw the rules, let's do this.