Why I'm giving away one of my most popular paid-content courses...

It's Sunday evening again, and I would bet my house that you are already feeling nervous, troubled, overwhelmed by everything you still have to do, just plain nauseous about going back to the office tomorrow? About facing the epic pile of work that has to be done. Knowing that you have had two days of freedom, that you're just beginning to feel human again and BAM back to spinning a dozen plates whilst you pat your head and rub your tummy, run around after everyone else and STILL don't feel like you've done enough, achieved enough,given enough each day.


When you're an exhausted, overwhelmed, burned out corporate professional every single day can feel like going in to battle. How many times have you bargained with yourself; if I can just get through today, this week, this month or numbed out the emotions and struggles with food, alcohol, mindless trash tv or rubbish magazines because anything is better than feeling everything that is inside of you screaming to get out.

I'm not reading your mind, I've lived it too.

There are thousands of women just like you, who have struggled with this alone for far too long. Because admitting that the life that you have struggled so hard to build, the career that others envy, is slowly killing you. Well it feels like middle class privilege gone crazy and no one wants to feel like an ungrateful brat.

So no one admits that they're also struggling, drowning in the work and responsibility and the pressure.


It's ok to admit to struggling.

It's ok to want more even whilst you're grateful for everything you have.

You have a clear choice; continue on this path with all the consequences it brings, or start to make adjustments.

No judgment. No fear. No stress.

So that's why I'm giving away my first baby steps course, Your Best Week. It's all about smashing your working week to help you rediscovery how efficient and amazing you can be at work, to create free space and time in your diary so that you can start to focus on you again (and explaining why that is so important).

Everyone who receives my daily emails will receive this course absolutely free of charge, even though I usually charge £49 for it.

Because I can.
Because I want to show you just how easy and stress free change can be.
Because you deserve more than feeling like this.
And because you are so far from alone here

If you don't receive my emails already you can receive this gift from me and start reclaiming your life and career again.

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